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Avant-Garde Nuance (AGN)

The Avant-Garde Nuance (AGN), is our latest series of E.22 rims. 

It is named exactly after our anonymous test team, which features a diverse group of wheel connoisseurs scattered over South East Asia. As the name suggests, it embraces the current reform in the industry, with the goal of testing and delivering vastly superior product, even if concepts are initially unconventional and unaccepted. 

This new line presents the hallmark of modernism, and the series of finished products depict our vision of the future. 

Essence & Development

Two years following the success of the X-Series (nicknamed the Experiment), the AGN takes a serious turn to create a more diverse line up in our spectrum of wheels. It focuses on maximising efficiency and suppressing the physical punishment of a marathon. While it features violent design changes as a whole, much of the original essence from the X2 and X3 models still linger.

The depth, along with our unfailing construction processes and materials have proven core and remain unchanged in this evolution. For the traditional cyclist, it might seem a little too provocative for their classical palate. But just as it looks, its ride characteristics are particularly unfamiliar. 

These wheels hold their speed effortlessly without a deep section and they steamroll their way over the unavoidable with ease. Oddly, dominating all corners at high speeds as if riding a perfectly aged tubular. 

The execution lies in the novelty of our approach. At this rim depth, aerodynamics plays a modest role and having already produced a 1150g clincher (Project E.22). We shifted our focus away from weight and aerodynamics, and on to other speed influencing factors, often omitted. 

It sent us on a 2-year quest, to develop the AGN in search of the perfect 'rim and tyre’ pairing.


Taking a modern approach, all AGN rims feature lightweight, wide sections that are optimised for 25-28mm tires. It threads closely to the upper limit for most road frames, but maximises the tangible benefits of high volume, fast rolling tyres, resulting in more speed, comfort and traction on all road surfaces. 

The AGN also features a completely new rim bed design for tubeless compatibility across all models, along with hooks that mate perfectly to form flawless seals.

In terms of finished aesthetics, our uniquely blasted, hard anodised-finish sees a degree of improvement over the X-Series, in view that many would consider the AGN as a lightweight pair of wheels for Gravel, CX or Touring with just a mere swap of tires.  

Current E.22 Line-Up

Avant-Garde Nuance (AGN) Depth Interior Exterior Weight
AGN - T2 22 20 24.5 440 g
AGN - T3 31 20 24.5 470 g
AGN - T2 Disc 22 20 24.5 410 g
AGN - T3 Disc 31 20 24.5 485 g
The Experiment (X-Series) Depth Interior Exterior Weight
X2 (Gen2) 22 16 20 375 g
X3 (Gen2) 31 16 20 445 g
X4 38 16 20 530 g
X4 Disc 38 16 20 550 g


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