Enve Warranty / Incident Policy Submission

Serial Number Location Reference Guide:
Frame Serials:

Located below the Bottom Bracket
Rim Serials: 

Laid into the rim channel, usually opposite the valve hole. These numbers will not contain the letter C or any dashes.

Take a photo of the rim tape and tubeless valves as you will need this for submission. 

Remove any tubes, tires, and rim tape in order to access the serial number on the center of the rim channel.

Fork Serials: 
Stamped into the steerer tube, or below the crown.
Stem Serials:
Stamped into the stem, behind the faceplate.

Seatpost Serials:
Laid into the post near the base.

Handlebar Serials:

Stamped near the tip on either the right or left side.

Hub Serials:

Eteched on the hubshell.