Enve IN-Route System Components


The modern road bike is aerodynamic, lightweight and versatile, with svelte lines and a clean aesthetic. The ENVE Integrated Front End helps bridge the gap between traditional construction and modern design.

Enve Integrated / IN-Route System

Component Compatible Products
Handlebars Enve SES AR Handlebar (Enve IN-Route)

Enve SES Aero Handlebar (Enve IN-Route)

Enve Compact Handlebar (Enve IN-Route)

Enve G-Series Handlebar (Enve IN-Route)
Stem Enve Integrated Road Stem (Enve IN-Route)
Spacers Enve Split Integrated Spacer Kit^

(^Included with Enve Integrated Road Stem )
Headsets Integrated

Chris King Aeroset 2 Headset
 (Enve IN-Route)

Enve IS52/52 Integrated Headset (Enve IN-Route)

External Cup

Chris King Aeroset 3 Headset (Enve IN-Route)

Enve EC44/EC44 External Cup Headset (Enve IN-Route)
Fork Enve Integrated Road Disc Fork
Frame Chassis Enve Melee Frame Chassis^^

Enve MOG Frame Chassis^^

^^ Complete IN-Route Frame Systems, includes Enve IN-Route Headset, Bar, Stem, Forks.

ENVE SES Aero Road Bar (Enve IN-Route)

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Enve MOG - Frame Chassis

Regular price SGD 8,827 50 SGD 8,250 00

Save SGD 577.50