TUFO Gravel Tires


TUFO has deep roots and a legendary reputation in the cyclocross world for making the lightest and fastest rolling tires in the CX racing segment. 

So how fast are their gravel tires? 

Well, never has a company launched 3 models of gravel tires, ALL being awarded a 5/5 score and Highly Recommended verdicts on independent tester, Bicycle Rolling Resistance

On top of that, all models have topped BikeRumor's - Editors choice in the Gravel tire segment.. Starting with the Thundero when it was launched in 2020. The later models Speedero and Swampero followed suit when they were launched in 2021. 

At Elite, we've tested these tires long enough to confirm their attributes in wet grip, fast corneringpuncture resistance and durability. But they stood out most in the weight comparison chart where they decimated the field, being lighter than tires that were smaller or had extremely shallow knobs.

For reference, a Pirelli - Cinturato Gravel S is 110grams heavier
PER TIRE. of the same size (40mm).

All TUFO Tires are proudly Made in the Czech Republic.

<Elite Tire Recommendations>

 Model Recommendation

The fastest tire, features tightly packed, low profile knobs
Recommended for riding in Singapore, slightly urban, tightly packed dirt. In essence, this tire will keep up with the roadies.

The intermediate tire, it has the best mix between the Speedero's low rolling resistance and the Swampero's hard bite. Recommended for more advance riding in Singapore and some overseas riding / touring. If you aren't sure what to expect, or which tyre to pick, this would cover it. 
Swampero The tire for challenging weather and conditions, it trades some rolling resistance for higher grip and deeper bite. Recommended for wet, muddy conditions or highly technical courses where traction translates to speed.  


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TUFO Gravel Speedero Tyres

Regular price SGD 98 80 SGD 85 00

Save SGD 13.80
TUFO Gravel Thundero Tyres

Regular price SGD 98 80 SGD 85 00

Save SGD 13.80
TUFO Gravel Swampero Tyres

Regular price SGD 98 80 SGD 85 00

Save SGD 13.80
TUFO Tyre Sealant - Tubeless Ready

Regular price SGD 15 90 SGD 10 00

Save SGD 5.90
TUFO Valve Core

Regular price SGD 7 90 SGD 3 50

Save SGD 4.40