ISM Performance Recreation

PR - Performance Recreation, not to be confused with ISM's comfort line up.
The PR saddles feature a wider width, ranging from 140-145mm, and the highest padding 40-60, making it perfect for riders in a slightly more relaxed, upright position. Think Grand Fondo, Century and Touring ride setups with less rotation in the hips, and most of the rider's weight is placed on the seat bones. Being a noseless saddle, it can still accommodate the rider comfortably in the drops. Besides long distance athletes, the PR series is very popular with Triathletes because of the high padding, which makes up for the lack a proper chamois in their Tri Suits. The PR series is priced lower than the other Performance Series saddles, but because of this, ISM does not offer them as a Demo

ISM PR 1.0

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ISM PR 2.0

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ISM PR 3.0

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