Dark Deal: Lightworks 7075 Chain Tensioner

Dark Deal: Lightworks 7075 Chain Tensioner

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At a mere 65 grams, the Lightworks 7075 Chain Tensioner is a popular upgrade amongst the Brompton weightweenie community. Like all Lightworks products these Chain Tensioners are designed around weight savings, aesthetics, functionality and durability.

For reference, a Stock Tensioner from Brompton is about 35% heavier than the Lightworks 7075 Chain Tensioner, making it a cost effective upgrade to save weight on the bike.

Brand / Model Weight
Lightworks 65g
Aceoffix 77g
Nov Design 79g
H&H 89g
Stock Brompton (Plastic) 107g
Bromptification 113g
Ridea 116g
BIKEfun SL 125g
BIKEfun 156g

Key Features:

- 65 grams
- Light weight 7075 T6 body
- Stainless Steel axles
- Compatible with original pulleys
- Supports up to 6 speed
- Titanium and Brass pivot
- Extremely light weight and durable spring
- Available in 10 colours
- Anodized to match components from Chris King, Spurcycle, Philwood, White industries, Aican Cables etc.

Tech notes:
The Lightworks Tensioner comes with 2 DLC axles.
There are two versions, a default length, and a longer version which is designed for 6 speed external mods. While the longer version can be used on 2/3 speed external systems, there is a possibility that the longer axle might come into contact with the spokes of some wheels.

When the Brompton stock pulley wheels are installed, there is no need to use the pulley mud cap. This cap is used to keep mud off the stock axle which is weak and vulnerable to wear. Lightworks tensioner axles are DLC coated and extremely strong, rendering the pulley cap unnecessary. This also saves some additional weight.