Lightworks 7075 Chain Tensioner

Lightworks 7075 Chain Tensioner

SGD 310.00 SGD 335.00 Save SGD 25.00

At a mere 65 grams, the Lightworks 7075 Chain Tensioner is a popular upgrade amongst the Brompton weightweenie community. Like all Lightworks products these Chain Tensioners are designed around weight savings, aesthetics, functionality and durability.

For reference, a Stock Tensioner from Brompton is about 35% heavier than the Lightworks 7075 Chain Tensioner, making it a cost effective upgrade to save weight on the bike.

Brand / Model Weight
Lightworks 65g
Aceoffix 77g
Nov Design 79g
H&H 89g
Stock Brompton (Plastic) 107g
Bromptification 113g
Ridea 116g
BIKEfun SL 125g
BIKEfun 156g

Key Features:

- 65 grams
- Light weight 7075 T6 body
- Stainless Steel axles
- Compatible with original pulleys
- Supports up to 6 speed
- Titanium and Brass pivot
- Extremely light weight and durable spring
- Available in 7 colours
- Anodized to match components from Chris King, Spurcycle, Philwood, White industries, Aican Cables etc.

Tech notes:
The Lightworks Tensioner comes with 2 DLC axles.
They are available in a default length, and a longer version which is designed for 6 speed mods. While the longer version can be used on 2/3 speed systems, there is a possibility that the longer axle might come into contact with the spokes of some wheels.