Dark Deal: Lightworks Ultralight Carbon Handlebar (25.4mm For Brompton)

Dark Deal: Lightworks Ultralight Carbon Handlebar (25.4mm For Brompton)

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The Lightest Handlebar for Brompton.

From the Curator:
"Its been a long time in the making, but it needed to be absolutely perfect.
The Lightworks Ultralight Carbon Handle bar, like all other Lightworks products, are designed to be the Best in Class, aftermarket upgrade available. As it stands, the Lightworks Handlebar is around 20% lighter than Schmolke and 15% lighter than Darimo.

While it finishes top of the list for weight, a huge emphasis was placed on its design and strength to outperform other weight weenie competitors. Its constructed from 3K fibers which matches up with their Chainrings, and is available in a Matte or Gloss finish, with a choice of 2 logo colours for added aesthetics."

Handle Bar Weight
Lightworks Ultralight Carbon 25.4mm 61
Darimo 25.4mm Carbon 70
Schmolke TLO 25.4 75
Aceoffix Carbon S 90
Schmolke SL 25.4 98
KCNC SC Bone Flat Bar 25.4 119
C82 Carbon Flat Bar 120
ControlTech Carbon Flat Bar 129
Brompton S-type Handlebar Straight - 25.4mm Clamp - 520mm 138
LitePro Spirit Flat Bar 145
Ti Parts Workshop 25.4 x 560mm Titanium 150
Easton EA70 25.4 Flat Bar 152
Kinetix Pro X Handlebar 160
Silverock Bicycle Titanium S Handlebar 25.4mm x 560mm 171
Ti Parts Workshop Titanium 176
M:Part Alloy Flat Bar 180
H&H Titanium S handlebar 183
Nitto B 2500AA Straight Flat Bar 185
Joseph Kuosac 25.4mm Aluminum Flat Handlebar 600mm 188
Bontrager 25.4 Flat Bar 199
ColorPlus Ti Brompton Handlebar Riser DLC 200
Kalloy Allrounder Flat Bar 234
MightyDuty Flat Bar 25.4 250

Key Features:

- Best in Class & lightest Handlebar for Brompton
- Ultra light weight at 61 grams
- Ø 25.4 mm, W 530 mm
- Full Carbon Fiber Construction
- Strengthened at clamp areas
- Durable and Designed to last
- Available in 2 Finishes, Gloss or Matte
- 3k fibers to match other Lightworks carbon components

<Tech Notes>

Weight Limit: 100kg

Max Torque
- Stem Clamp Area = 5Nm.
- Brake Lever Clamp Area = 3Nm.

(If using extralite levers, Max Torque is 1Nm. Stop when you cannot rotate the levers. Torque should be as little as possible)