Services Basic Tuning Bolts: Check and adjust to correct torque.
Wheels: Check for alignment and play.
Tyres: Inspect and inflate to recommended pressure.
Drivetrain: Inspect & adjust if applicable.
Chain: Inspect & lube.
Headset: Check for movement and adjust if applicable.
Brakes: Adjust/balance.
Gears: Adjust Derailleur travel.
Cables: Check condition & tension.

It does NOT include:

   Any cleaning
   Any replacement components
   Any removal of any component on your bicycle
   Any restoration works
Standard Service As Basic Tuning, plus:

   A through wash of the whole bike
   Drivetrain degrease/cleaned
   Check and adjust hubs, headset and bottom bracket.
   Replace brake blocks/pads (if required).
   Lubricate cables (replace if required).
   Lubricate chain and derailleurs.
   Check/tighten all nuts and bolts.
   Test ride.
Full Service Includes all of Standard Service, plus:

A full strip-and-build of the bike.
All components are stripped off the bike.
Bearings and parts are chemically washed and the bike is rebuilt with fresh grease, cables, housing and bartape.
This would feel like a brand new bike.
(excluding parts)
Installation $30.00
Service $20.00
Adjustment $10.00
Bearings $30.00
(quoted per brake)
(excluding parts)
Rim (V or cantilever) Fitting $15.00
Replace cable & adjust $15.00
Replace pads & adjust $15.00
Servicing – pair $20.00
Hydraulic Fitting & bleed $30.00
Bleeding $30.00
Clean & service $15.00
Replace hose & bleed $40.00
Replace pads $10.00
Rotor fitting $5.00
Replace Hose & Bleed (internal) $60.00
Cable disc Fitting $30.00
Replace cable $15.00
Replace pads $10.00
Clean & adjust $15.00
Rotor fitting $5.00
(quoted per wheel)
(excluding parts)
Wheel build Lace & Build (Un-lacing +$30) $90.00-$100
Wheel true True and Tension (Clinchers) $30.00
True and Tension (Tubular, Internal nipple) $30+$20
True and Tension (Tubless, Internal nipple) $30+$30
Spoke replacement (excluding spokes) $30.00
Wheel Conversion Tubeless conversion (per wheel) $30.00
(quoted per hub)
(excluding parts)
Service (includes Disassembly, Cleaning, Re-packing with grease, Bearing preload adjustment) $50.00-$80
Cartridge bearing replacement Front hub $15.00
Cartridge bearing replacement Rear hub $25.00
(excluding new tube)
Inner tube replacement $5.00
(per tyre, excluding parts)

New tyre installation (Clincher/Tubulars)

Tubeless tyre installation (including sealant) $30.00
(excluding parts)
Installation/Removal $30.00
Bottom bracket
(excluding parts)
Installation $30.00
Removal $20.00
Service Remove crankset. Degrease, clean & lube bearings. Refit & crankset. Service without crankset: $30 $50.00
(excluding parts)
Installation $30.00
(excluding parts)
Installation $10.00
(quoted per gear)
(excluding parts)
Fitting Replace cable & adjust $15.00
Replace cable & adjust (internal) $30.00
Replace mech & adjust $30.00
Adjustment $10.00
Rear hanger Straighten & adjust $15.00
Service $30.00
Bike build Partial $80.00
Full* *starting from, excluding hydraulic brakes/internal cabling, etc. *$150.00
Parts installation Bar tape fit $10.00
Chain & cassette fitting $20.00
Computer $5.00
Fork installation* *starting from, excludes hydraulic brakes/internal cabling, etc. *$30.00
Gear shifters* *starting from, excludes hydraulic brakes/internal cabling, etc. *$40.00
Grips $5.00
Handlebar – Drop* *starting from, excludes hydraulic brakes/internal cabling, etc. *$30.00
New wheel fit $15.00
Pedals $5.00
Tubeless Installation (per tyre) $30.00
Bike boxing Packing and preparing $80.00
Unpacking, re-building & adjusting $80.00