Light Bicycle Road Disc Wheelsets

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Rim Model Depth Int / Ext
Weight Warranty Weight
AR35 - Flyweight
35mm 21mm
345g 5 yrs 90kg
AR45 - Flyweight
45mm 21mm
375g 5 yrs 90kg
AR55 - Flyweight
55mm 21mm
405g 5 yrs 90kg

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Enve Foundation Enve Foundation (CeramicSpeed) White Ind CLD i9 Classic Disc Carbon-Ti SP 56T
AR35 - Flyweight 1300g 1300g 1354g 1282g 1198g
AR45 - Flyweight 1360g 1360g 1414g 1342g 1258g
AR55 - Flyweight 1420g 1420g 1474g 1402g 1318g
Price: SGD 1650
SGD 2750 SGD 2080 SGD 2150 SGD 2350

We build our Falcon Pro Wheelsets with Sapim CX Ray Spokes from Belgium and Sapim Polynax Nipples.