XCADEY Capsule 1 - Mini Electric Inflator

XCADEY Capsule 1 - Mini Electric Inflator

SGD 95.00 SGD 110.00 Save SGD 15.00

From the Curator:聽

"As tyres trend towards high volume and lower pressures, these electric mini pumps start making more and more sense. From home to races, from preparations to emergencies, these pumps make bike prep so much easier before morning rides, and are both, lighter and more compact than traditional hand pumps. Unlike Co2 cartridges, these are rechargeable and have a higher volume output.聽

We've tested these a lot, and found a secret use for them on gravel rides to Malaysia, running higher tyre pressures on the road, and lowering our tire pressures just before we hit the trails. We then use these pumps to increase the pressures on the route back home. Tuning optimal pressures for speed, comfort and traction, has been a definite a game changer."

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Capsule 1
Price S$ 95 S$ 165 S$ 180
Weight 98g 120g 190g
0-80 PSI 40 sec 50 sec 40 sec
Fast Charge 20min 30min 1 hour
70mm 70mm 68mm
Max Pressure 100psi 120psi 120psi


路Pocket-Sized Convenience
Super compact and lightweight at only 98g, measuring just 70mm in length. Easily fitting into your pocket.

路The maximum inflation pressure is 100 PSI
Inflates two 700C tires from 0 to 80 psi in just 80 seconds.

路USB-C Fast Charging
Can be fully charged in just 20 minutes, compatible with any chargers.

路Schrader & Presta
Just flip the nozzle direction for easy switching.