Enve Fray Collection


Introducing the FRAY

All Road
or Endurance - call it what you want. 
The Fray is for riders who want speed, versatility, and max performance -
infused with a World Tour pedigree the Fray inspires exploration

The Fray is but an arrow in your performance quiver for times when aspirational roads and objectives inspire long hours in the saddle. The Fray is the road bike for those whose cycling priorities have shifted from pinning on numbers and podiums, to a broader range of two-wheeled objectives where performance is still critical to meeting ones goals.


ENVE Cargo Bay

The Fray features the ENVE Cargo Bay, a modular in-frame storage solution that can be configured to carry anything from flat repair and survival supplies to personal accoutrements. 

Each Fray chassis comes with 2 x Cargo Bags constructed of durable yet lightweight neoprene which serve to protect your stuff while preventing unwanted rattling in the downtube. Both Cargo Bags may be run concurrently with one running up while the other runs down the down tube. 

Cargo Bay Capacity = 36 cubic inches / .6 liters of storage

Fray Colour ways

Meet the Fray, 3 colour options

Geometry & Fit

Use the Enve Best-Fit Calculator to translate the current position onto the new build. 

The Enve Best-Fit Calculator is a tool designed to help you select the ENVE Chassis configuration that will best meet your fitment requirements.

If you know your fitment numbers, you can simply enter them into the fields below. If you do not know your numbers, we’d recommend a professional bike fit to ensure that you are riding in a position that makes comfort and performance possible, or follow our guided instructions to collect your fitment numbers.

Upon submission, the calculator will provide you with a selection of potential frame size, stem length, spacer stack, and seatpost offset options that meet your unique fitment requirements.

Get Started: Enve Best-Fit Calculator


Enve Fray - Frame Chassis - Ash

Regular price SGD 7,975 00 SGD 7,250 00

Save SGD 725.00
Enve Fray - Frame Chassis - Salt

Regular price SGD 7,975 00 SGD 7,250 00

Save SGD 725.00
Enve Fray - Frame Chassis - Venom

Regular price SGD 7,975 00 SGD 7,250 00

Save SGD 725.00
ENVE SES Aero Road Bar (Enve IN-Route)

Regular price SGD 642 00 SGD 600 00

Save SGD 42.00
ENVE Melee Aero Seatpost (Twin Bolt)

Regular price SGD 610 00 SGD 550 00

Save SGD 60.00