Lightworks Ultralight Carbon Suspension Block (For Brompton)

Lightworks Ultralight Carbon Suspension Block (For Brompton)

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An absolute must-have on all speed and weight competitive Bromptons.

Brand / Model Weight
Lightworks 24g
Aceoffix Wood 35g
Nov Design 37g
Brompton Firm 37g
Joseph Kuosac Super Firm 50g
H&H Ti V2 50g
Ridea CNC Alloy 59g
Nov Design - Ti 75g
Matumura Kohki Soft 78g
H&H Ti 79g
Alu Air Sus Block 85g
Matumura Kohki Firm 88g
Multi-S Copper 164g

At a mere 24 grams, the Lightworks Carbon Suspension Block is a go-to upgrade amongst the Brompton weightweenie community. For reference, the Firm suspension block from Joseph Kuosac is more than 100% heavier.

Besides their weight advantages, the M40 Carbon blocks are designed to maximize the delivery and power transfer from the rider to the drive chain. It eliminates that sluggish lag in power transmission by effectively converting your Brompton into a race-day efficient hardtail.

Like all Lightworks products, these Carbon suspension blocks are designed around weight savings, aesthetics, functionality and durability.

From the Curator:
"It is a simple design and a modern-take on the Brompton's suspension block. Where city's have evolved and modernized, we find ourselves riding on properly paved roads and park connectors. A carbon suspension block like this would benefit pretty much everyone, unless you commute in old England with large sections of cobblestones."

Key Features:
- Ultra light weight at 24 grams
- Light weight CNC End Cap
- M40 Carbon Fiber Body
- Most Effective Power Transfer
- Frame (Paint) Protection Design
- Available in 6 colours
- Anodized to match common components




- Rolling change on the Gold Sus finishing. It is now polished (instead of matte) gold moving forward to match Chris King Gold headsets and other Lightworks Gold components