Enve SES Disc Wheels (Gen4)

Introducing the new Smart ENVE System. Building on over a decade of SES history, the new four-wheel line delivers a premium riding experience and performance upgrade for every type of rider, across all terrain. Utilizing our latest construction techniques and laminate designs, the new SES wheel lineup is our lightest yet. Meet the four new purpose-built SES wheels. Which wheel are you?

Model Enve
Chris King
Chris King
R45D Ceramic
SP 56T

2.3 Disc (Gen4)

Ultimate Climber

Min; 25c
Aero; 27c

1197g 1175g 1211g 1208g 1071g

3.4 Disc (Gen4)

Swiss Army Knife

Min; 27c
Aero; 27-29c

1390g 1368g 1404g 1401g 1264g

4.5 Disc (Gen4)

House Favorite

Min; 27c
Aero; 27-28c

1452g 1430g 1466g 1463g 1326g

6.7 Disc (Gen4)

Higher Speeds

Min; 25c
Aero; 27-28c

1497g 1475g 1511g 1508g 1371g

SGD 4,290 SGD 5,100 SGD 5,600 SGD 5,850 SGD 4,550

From the Curator;

SUMMARY - Whats new with Gen4. 

1) Its designed around wider, high volume tires.
This helps with aerodynamics and all the high-volume advantages like rolling resistance (efficiency), comfort, traction, control and handling. 

2) Its really light. 
Introducing the 2.3 - Enve's lightest wheel ever. 
Meanwhile, when you take the deepest, heaviest Gen4 wheel - the 6.7's and compare to the Gen3. It is lighter than both the 4.5 and the 5.6 disc. In fact the 6.7 (gen4) is only 77g heavier than the 3.4 (Gen3). If you need light and aero, here's your answer. 

In short, the Gen4 is Enve's ultimate wheel collection. 


The Gen4 SES Line is aerodynamically designed around the Enve SES 27c tire.
27c-29c - Best Aero
30c-32c - Acceptable
33-50c - These tires sizes are compatible, but will eliminate aerodynamic advantage of the rim profile. If your intention is to run these tire sizes on a regular basis, the G Series G23 is better suited for these tires and applications. Max tire pressures for tires in this size range will be between 35-60psi/2.4-4.1bar.

ENVE SES 2.3 Disc Wheelset (Gen4)

Regular price SGD 4,590 30 SGD 4,290 00

Save SGD 300.30
ENVE SES 3.4 Disc Wheelset (Gen4)

Regular price SGD 4,633 20 SGD 4,290 00

Save SGD 343.20
ENVE SES 4.5 Disc Wheelset (Gen4)

Regular price SGD 4,633 20 SGD 4,290 00

Save SGD 343.20
ENVE SES 6.7 Disc Wheelset (Gen4)

Regular price SGD 4,633 20 SGD 4,290 00

Save SGD 343.20

Sold Out Regular price SGD 4,665 20 SGD 4,360 00

Save SGD 305.20