Lightworks DLC Tensioner Axles

Lightworks DLC Tensioner Axles

SGD 50.00 SGD 60.00 Save SGD 10.00

Spare Axles for Lightworks Chain Tensioners.

Diamond Like Coated (DLC) for maximum performance and durability.

(Sold as a pair.)


Tech notes:

There are two versions, a default length, and a longer version which is designed for 6 speed external mods. While the longer version can be used on 2/3 speed external systems, there is a possibility that the longer axle might come into contact with the spokes of some wheels.

When the Brompton stock pulley wheels are installed, there is no need to use the pulley mud cap. This cap is used to keep mud off the stock axle which is weak and vulnerable to wear. Lightworks tensioner axles are DLC coated and extremely strong, rendering the pulley cap unnecessary. This also saves some additional weight.