Lightworks 1X Carbon Spider - Direct Mount 5-arm, 110BCD (Spider only)

Lightworks 1X Carbon Spider - Direct Mount 5-arm, 110BCD (Spider only)

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The Lightworks 1X Carbon Spider is the lightest aftermarket spider upgrade available, weighing a mere 36 grams. As a benchmark, the EE-Wing crank spider is about 40% heavier.

It features a Reversed 3-bolt Direct Mount interface, for cranks like the renowned eeWing cranksets, and is designed for 5-arm 110BCD chainrings in a 1X setup.

Like their carbon chainrings, these spiders are made of Japanese Toray Carbon Fiber, and machined down to extract every gram of weight savings possible.

QUICK COMPARE - Crank Spiders:
Spider (DM3-110, 5arm)
Weight (g) Price
Lightworks 1X DM3 Carbon Spider 36g $245
EC-Direct Mount 2X
42g $50
THM M3 Clavicula Spider
43g $210
Crane Creek EE-Wing 1X
50g $70
Praxis DM3 Spider 2X
66g $75

Technical Notes:
While these spiders are designed with a reversed interface, they can be used with the standard 3 Bolt Direct Mount cranksets ie, Praxis or Sram GXP.

To get around the reversed interface, you will need to mount the chainrings on the spider before installing the spider on the crank arms.

Depending on the chainring and chainring bolt setup, some chainring bolts, like the Carbon-Ti XS bolts may require a 1mm spacer between the spider and the chainring.