Elite Custom is a regional distributor with a portfolio of 40 brands heavily focused on high-end aftermarket upgrades.
Over the decade, we have established an extensive network of more than 200 dealers across Asia and have grown to become the World’s largest international distributor for both Enve Composites and Chris King Precision Components
  • If you are interested in Importing, Exporting or Carrying any of the brands and products we represent, please email us at info@elitecustom.sg, indicating which brands and products are of interest. 
  • If you are looking for product we carry, but are unable to locate a dealer near you, please drop us an email at info@elitecustom.sg. We will direct you to the respective representative, or ship to you direct, should there be no one servicing that area. (We would appreciate if you could provide us with potential dealers to service your area, or you might also want to consider the point above.)
  • Part of our business, and probably the most fun aspect would be identifying interesting or up-and-coming Brands and Companies that may manage to invent products that dominate or revolutionize the cycling industry. If you are a Brand / Business owner with a unique product that you believe we might be interested in adding to our distribution portfolio, please contact us via email at info@elitecustom.sg. We would love to hear about it.