Dark Deal: Chris King ISO SD Boost (6 Bolt) - HUB055

Dark Deal: Chris King ISO SD Boost (6 Bolt) - HUB055

SGD 980.00 SGD 1,480.00 Save SGD 500.00

From the curator

"These hubs are a generation before King decided to take things to Centerlock and introduce the twin drive system. And while ISO hubs made a production comeback in 2023, these hubs remain highly desirable for a number of reasons. 

- Pricing (SGD 980 VS SGD 1480)
- Stainless Steel XD Freehub
- Larger FH bearings
- The SD fronts are lighter than the AB models
- SD fronts can be converted to TA15x100, TA12x100 and QR 9x100
- Rear hubs can be converted between XD and HG with just a driveshell instead of swapping a full conversion kit - axles, freehub and bearings.
- No need to purchase Universal hub tool if you have the older ISO tool.

Last chance to pick up some new old stock!
First come, first served, while stocks last.

<Hub Spec>
ISO Boost SD Front Hub (TA15x110)
ISO Boost Rear Hub (TA148x12)

- Shimano HG
- XD

- Microspline


SD Fronts are lighter than their AB counterparts and can be converted to TA15x100, TA12x100 and QR 9x100 with the appropriate parts.

The ISO XD Rear hubs feature a full Stainless Steel freehub driver which retails for SGD 450. 

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