CK Dropset Headsets



We started making headsets in 1976 and have been refining them ever since. Our DropSet™ headsets are built to be precise and dependable and set the standard for quality integrated headset function delivering precision performance that is built on the same pedigree of Chris King headsets from the past 40 years. 

Quick Compare;​
Headset Upper Bearing Lower Bearing Fork Diameter
Dropset 2 42mm 45x45 52mm 45x45 1.5"
Dropset 3 41mm 45x45 52mm 36x45 1.5"
Dropset 4 42mm 45x45 42mm 45x45 1.125"
Dropset 5 42mm 45x45
Specialized -  6.85-7.05mm bearing ream depth
52mm 45x45 1.5"


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