ISM Performance Short

PS - Performance Short, is the root of ISM and has been around for about 15 years.
This line up features a short nose, and is preferred by cyclist who tend to lock themselves down in one position on the saddle, though it does allow for some minor movements. A hump in the rear portion of the saddle helps rotate the cyclist's hips, improving power and muscle engagement, which explains why it is largely loved by Bike Fitters, Triathletes, Track cyclists and Time Trialists. The PS series is right smack in the middle in terms of widths, and works for most riders, triathletes and road cyclists alike. The PS 2.0 is the saddle we would recommend to anyone who is unsure of where to begin. Demo the PS 2.0, and you’ll get a better idea if you would like a narrower (PN), longer (PL), or wider (PR) chassis. An added feature on the PS Series is a transition hook on the rear.

ISM PS 1.0

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ISM PS 1.1

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ISM PS 2.0

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