The Elite Boutique

Elite Custom is an award-winning boutique store that is located in the heart of Singapore. The Company’s Primary focus is on Bicycle Fitting, with two expert fitters, who have been picked and trained by Master Fitter David Greenfield himself. There are only about a dozen fitters worldwide, who have been hand trained by him.

To compliment our fitting services, we carry 7 brands of custom-built bicycles, either hand-built in the USA or in Italy, with Scappa Luxury Bikes as our latest addition.

Ever since we began, we've been a unique bike shop - from the brands we choose to carry, down to the way we work and that includes operating by appointments only. We operate by appointments because we are a small boutique shop. Our team is only effective when we regulate client traffic - but in turn, we'll give you a quicker turn around time and the best mix of fit and technical knowledge on top of the best customer service you'll ever get. 

While our main business is in bicycle fitting, working on individual bike projects and custom wheel builds, Elite is also one of the largest regional distributors of high-end and boutique bicycle products.

We currently represent 40 Brands across the South East Asian, and Asian region, with distribution territory stretching as far as the UAE for certain brands.

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