Enve Melee Road - Frame Chassis - Damascus Grey

Enve Melee Road - Frame Chassis - Damascus Grey

SGD 7,250.00 SGD 7,975.00 Save SGD 725.00

Crowned "Performance Bike of the Year" by BikeRadar and Cycling PLUS. 

"Gold Medal Award" by Bicycling.

"Gear of the Year" by CyclingNews.

"Best All Around Road Bike" by Just Ride Bikes.

"Forbes - Gear of the Year" by Forbes.

Winning the Belgian Waffle Ride, and other crits and races

Our Melee Frame has grown from a Boutique frame to competing with the biggest brands on the World Tour!

Enve Melee - The 2024 weapon of choice for DNA Cycling Women's Team and Team TotalEnergies!

Geometry & Fit

Use the Enve Best-Fit Calculator to translate the current position onto the new build. 

The Enve Best-Fit Calculator is a tool designed to help you select the ENVE Chassis configuration that will best meet your fitment requirements.

If you know your fitment numbers, you can simply enter them into the fields below. If you do not know your numbers, we’d recommend a professional bike fit to ensure that you are riding in a position that makes comfort and performance possible, or follow our guided instructions to collect your fitment numbers.

Upon submission, the calculator will provide you with a selection of potential frame size, stem length, spacer stack, and seatpost offset options that meet your unique fitment requirements.

Get Started: Enve Best-Fit Calculator

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- Handlebar Size
(AR 38, 40, 42, 44, 46cm)
(Aero 40, 42, 44, 46cm)
(Compact 38, 40, 42, 44, 46cm)
(G-Series 42, 44, 46, 48cm)

- Stem Length
(-7 Deg 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130mm)
(+12 Deg   80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130mm)

- Seatpost
(Aero Straight / Setback)

Otherwise, not to worry, our customer service officers will get in touch with you.


"The Enve Melee Road has a slippery design that encompasses Enve's latest IN-Route technology, featuring their renown best-in-class components. The tubes on the Melee are specially crafted around the SES wheel line-up, and have modern tire clearance up to 35mm - making this a very capable and versatile weapon for crits and classics alike. 

Former World Tour professional rider Alexey Vermeulen, actually won the gruelling Belgian Waffle Ride on the Melee, utilizing every millimeter of the Melee’s 35 mm of tire clearance for the course’s notoriously difficult dirt sectors. With just a tire change, he then went on to race in the USPRO Road National Championships where he finished in the lead group

Earlier this year, The Melee Road received the coveted title of Performance Bike of the Year by Bike Rumour.

- The curator. 


Material Optimized Design - The Secret behind Enve Carbon.

Enve Composites - Carbon experts, artisans of their craft. Using the best material for application and making the products that they want to ride.

Decades of marketing hype around the mystique of carbon fiber has led people to focus on the material itself instead of the process it is subjected to. At Enve, they design and build to the strengths of carbon fiber. This means running continuous fibers throughout the part, tapering the laminate and removing excess material to save weight. Further, fibers are layered and oriented to achieve zone-specific performance requirements like impact toughness, stiffness and compliance.

Our promise is that if you ride ENVE, you're riding the best.

Quick Compare; Aero Frame Weight

Brand / Model / Size Weight
S-Works Tarmac SL7, Sz 56 800g
Enve Melee, Sz 56 850g
Factor Ostro VAM, Sz 56 860g
BMC TimeMachine SLR01, Sz 56 865g
Parlee RZ7, Sz 55 870g
Scott Foil RC, Sz 56 915g
Canyon Aeroad CFR, Sz 53 915g
Specialized SL7 Pro, Sz 56 920g
Giant Propel Advanced Pro, Sz 55 940g
Merida Reacto 9000, Sz 56 950g
De Rosa SK Pininfarina 950g
Cervelo S5, Sz 54 975g
Giant Propel Advanced SL, Sz 55 982g
BMC TimeMachine SLR, Sz 54 990g
Wilier Cento10 Pro, Sz 54 990g
Pinarello Dogma F, Sz 56 996g
Trek Madone SLR, Sz 54 1000g
3T Strada, Sz 55 1120g
Cipollini NK1K, Sz 54 1120g
Wilier Cento10 SL, Sz 54 1190g


Disclaimer; Frame weight is only a fun measure which should be taken with a pinch of salt.
Now that frames have become more integrated. A final system or chassis weight might appear like a more appropriate comparison, however there are still so many other variables such as size, geometry, hardware, routing, bb spec, paint etc.

Only complete bike weight, paints a full picture.

That said, if counting grams is a priority, then choosing a frame that is an indicative 100-200g lighter than a competitor would be a good step in the right direction. 


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