ENVE Bottle Cage

ENVE Bottle Cage

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A water bottle cage is perhaps the most underappreciated component on a bike. Ours is designed to hold your water bottle no matter the terrain or application.  The ENVE Water Bottle Cage is light, durable, and offers easy side and vertical entry/exit. Please drink and ride responsibly.

From the Curator:

"At a mere 19 grams, the Enve bottle cage is extremely light weight and while we might offer several other options to shed a few grams on special bike projects, we cant help but be awkwardly careful around them.

The Enve cages on the other hand take a more utilitarian approach - stiff and snug enough even for Gravel and Mountain applications.

The biggest point of differentiation on the cages are the dual side entries. This is extremely important on small triangle frames like Small sized frames, Mtb's and Aero foiled tri frames. On top of that, it doesn't discriminate left-handers and right-handers with the ability to side-load it from either direction.

These cages are best used with the Enve Bottles, where a small lip on the cage locks the bottle in for added peace of mind."

Key Features:
 Dual side entry 

 Vertical entry 

 Full carbon fiber construction 

 Stainless Hardware


Weight: 19g