Brompton & Small-Wheel Bicycle Upgrades

There's nothing more depressing than waiting months for a bike,
only to pull up to a group ride to see 25 other stock bikes that look exactly the same.

We've curated a Collection that caters to any upgrade route you might wish to take. You could be the gram counting weightweenie, the speed and watt-maker or the colour coordinator. You could go full modern carbon crazy, take a subtle / classic approach or even in your-face-bling.

It does not matter - as long as you are someone who wants to give your bike a bit of personality or exercise one's creativity. - We have something for you.

Lightworks 7075 Chain Tensioner

Regular price SGD 370 00 SGD 330 00

Save SGD 40.00
Praxis Zayante Carbon (Crank arms)

Regular price SGD 380 00 SGD 350 00

Save SGD 30.00
AICAN Bungarus-Link

Regular price SGD 127 50 SGD 120 00

Save SGD 27.50