Dark Deal: HB002 - Parlee Carbon Dropbar

Dark Deal: HB002 - Parlee Carbon Dropbar

SGD 150.00 SGD 565.00 Save SGD 415.00

Offering the best possible ergonomics, precision handling and component interface on the market today. We have spent thousands of hours in the saddle, at the computer and the work bench perfecting our new handle bar, stem and seat post. These components are designed and built with the same commitment to function, form and durability that all PARLEE products benefit from.


Remarkable looks are just the beginning. Beneath the stunning exteriors of our new bar, stem and seat posts you will find the renowned Parlee DNA. Let our innovative designs help dial in your ride for greater comfort and performance.

Handlebar specifics: 

The handlebar’s top has a gentle rearward sweep and oval profile for a natural hand position and comfort. The 35mm stem clamping area creates a solid union with the stem and fork.  The bend has a short extension and shallow drop that compliments modern shift/brake lever combinations. This makes the ideal perch for the rider’s hands regardless of build kit.  The drops have an extended return creating more hand positions for greater comfort.  There are also trim lines on the bar termination at 5mm increments for a customized fit.

Sizes Available – 40cm, 42cm, 44cm, (C-C) – 128mm Drop, 70mm Reach

Details - 100% Carbon Fiber Construction - 35.0mm clamp diameter - 220grams



Quick Compare:
Model Reach Drop Weight Clamp Diameter
Enve Standard 85mm 144mm 203g 31.8mm
Enve Compact 79mm 127mm 206g 31.8mm
Enve SES Aero 77mm 127mm 233g 31.8mm
Parlee Carbon 70mm 128mm 220g 35.0mm