Enve RD Foundation Wheels

ENVE RD Foundation Depth Enve AF
45 Disc 45/45 1540g
65 Disc 65/65 1620g
SGD 2560

Foundation | FAQ  

Are the Foundation wheels only available as Disc Brake?

Yes, there are no rim-brake options in the Foundation line-up at this time. The market seems have taken a 90% shift to disc brakes. We're unsure if Enve will have a rim-brake model in future.

Can I use clincher tires?

No, the Foundation rims feature Hookless, straight sidewalls. They are only compatible with Tubeless and Tubeless-Ready Tires. You can, however, run tubes inside.

Can I use the Foundation wheels for Gravel?

Yes. The Foundation rims feature an internal width of 21mm. While they are optimized for aero efficiency with tires between 25-26c. These rims are good for tires between 25-32c.

Are the SES and Foundation wheels using the same carbon?

No, while both the SES and Foundation wheels are made in the same Enve factory in the USA, and look almost identical on the surface, the Foundation wheels are made with a different grade of carbon which allows for a less complex laminate. This drastically reduces the man-hours spent on the lay-up process and the time saved on manufacturing is reflected in the price of the Foundation series. When compared to the Premium SES models, there is a small weight penalty, but more importantly, the Foundation (as the name suggests) meets Enve's high standard in strength, stiffness and ride quality.

Can I purchase a wheelset with a mixed depth, ie. 45 Front / 65 Rear?
No, this option is not available from Enve at this point in time. As such, we are unable to offer this option. It is unclear if this will become an option in future.

What spokes and nipples are the Foundation Wheels built with?

Foundation wheels are built with Sapim CX-Sprint spokes from Belgium and are laced to Enve internal brass nipples with self-locking technology. If you want some weight savings, we can build with Sapim CX-Ray spokes, but you will have to buy these spokes separately.

CX-Sprint (251 grams)
CX-Ray (204 grams)

Difference (47 grams)

Are there any hub options besides the Enve Foundation hub, ie. Chris King?

Unfortunately, Foundation wheels are only sold as a complete wheelset, with the default foundation hubs and stock bearings. If Enve releases the option of rims only, we can definitely offer hub and build options. For now, the Foundation hubs are a great choice, utilizing the same tech found in their premium hubs, like the 'perfect preload' and the Instant Drive 360 with 40T engagement ratchet system. (The foundation hubs are also a little lighter.)

If you prefer something customized to your liking, Custom Build options are available in the SES line up.

ENVE Foundation 45 Wheelset

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ENVE Foundation 65 Wheelset

Regular price SGD 2,739 20 SGD 2,560 00

Save SGD 179.20