Dark Deal: Enve Melee - Frame Chassis - FS047

Dark Deal: Enve Melee - Frame Chassis - FS047

SGD 5,775.00 SGD 8,250.00 Save SGD 2,475.00

With the additional colours for 2024, we are refreshing our store's displays and have some display frames that are priced-to-clear.

Damascus Grey will remain on the current 2024 line-up.

9.9/10 - With Box, full unregistered warranty.

Frame/Fork - Displayed, but never built nor ridden. 
Bar/Stem/Seatpost - Brand New in Box. 

Geometry & Fit

Use the Enve Best-Fit Calculator to translate the current position onto the new build. 

The Enve Best-Fit Calculator is a tool designed to help you select the ENVE Chassis configuration that will best meet your fitment requirements.

If you know your fitment numbers, you can simply enter them into the fields below. If you do not know your numbers, we’d recommend a professional bike fit to ensure that you are riding in a position that makes comfort and performance possible, or follow our guided instructions to collect your fitment numbers.

Upon submission, the calculator will provide you with a selection of potential frame size, stem length, spacer stack, and seatpost offset options that meet your unique fitment requirements.

Get Started: Enve Best-Fit Calculator


Performance Bike of the Year" by BikeRadar and Cycling PLUS. 

"Gold Medal Award" by Bicycling.

"Best All Around Road Bike" by Just Ride Bikes.

Winning the Belgian Waffle Ride, and other crits and races

Our Melee Frame has grown from a Boutique frame to competing with the biggest brands on the World Tour!

Enve Melee - The 2024 weapon of choice for DNA Cycling Women's Team and Team TotalEnergies!


What is it?

Enve Melee Frame Chassis. 

"The Enve Melee Road has a slippery design that encompasses Enve's latest IN-Route technology, featuring their renown best-in-class components. The tubes on the Melee are specially crafted around the SES wheel line-up, and have modern tire clearance up to 35mm - making this a very capable and versatile weapon for crits and classics alike. 

Former World Tour professional rider Alexey Vermeulen, actually won the gruelling Belgian Waffle Ride on the Melee, utilizing every millimeter of the Melee’s 35 mm of tire clearance for the course’s notoriously difficult dirt sectors. With just a tire change, he then went on to race in the USPRO Road National Championships where he finished in the lead group

Earlier this year, The Melee Road received the coveted title of Performance Bike of the Year by Bike Rumour.

As we enter the last quarter of the year, we're refreshing all our display bikes in our store, so these frames are practically brand new, have fresh warranty dates and are selling at a huge discount.

Update: Damascus has been confirmed for 2024."

- The curator. 


What is included in the frameset?

Frame: Enve Melee Road 
Paint: Damascus
Fork: Enve Integrated Road Disc Fork
Components: You Choice of Handlebar (Pick One):
Enve SES AR Handlebar (Enve IN-Route)
Enve SES Aero Handlebar (Enve IN-Route)
Enve Compact Handlebar (Enve IN-Route)

Enve Integrated Road Stem (Enve IN-Route)
Enve Split Integrated Spacer Kit
ENVE Melee Aero Seatpost (Twin Bolt)

Let us know your size in the notes section at checkout, 
otherwise, not to worry, our Customer Service Officers will reach out to you. 
Headset: Enve IN-Route, Aero
Small Parts: - Enve Compression Plug
- FD Hanger
- RD Hander
- Seatpost Wedge


The Melee takes design cues from our own Custom Road, but where the Custom Road prioritizes customization, the Melee prioritizes efficiency and speed. With geometry and handling characteristics optimized for 27 to 32 mm tires, the Melee is a modern road race bike engineered to provide the performance competitive riders demand. The Melee performs in all the areas that count – efficient power transmission, weight, aerodynamics and versatility. To achieve the versatility today’s road racers require, the Melee provides riders with up to 35 mm of tire clearance.

Building on ENVE’s foundation of Real-World Fast™ aero technologies, the Melee has been designed to complement the SES™ wheel line and to deliver aero efficiency that places it amongst the fastest bikes on the road. Tailoring tube shapes to complement SES™ rim shapes allows the Melee to efficiently pair with any ENVE SES™ or Foundation wheelset. Features such as the Integrated Front-End ensures the Melee is aerodynamically optimized as the wires and hoses are routed internally to be out of sight and out of the wind. 

At ENVE, we believe that you are only as fast as your fit allows. Ensuring that the majority of riders out there achieve their ideal fit and the intended ride experience, the Melee is offered in seven frame sizes with five fork rakes. Additionally, handlebar width, stem length, and seatpost setback are chosen à la carte to ensure the correct fit from the start. These options make the Melee the most readily customizable fixed geometry race bike on the market.

To get your size / fit, we recommend using the BestFit Calculator.

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