ENVE SES 4.5 Disc Wheelset (Gen4)

ENVE SES 4.5 Disc Wheelset (Gen4)

SGD 4,290.00 SGD 4,720.00 Save SGD 385.00

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The original modern tubeless road wheel that was the first of its kind to pair the rolling efficiency of high-volume road tires with world-class aerodynamics. The SES 4.5 is re-engineered to reduce weight and strengthen its position as the house favorite.

Go fast, everywhere
1392 gram (Built w/ Enve Hub)
• Inner Rim Width: 25mm
• Aero optimized tire size: 27mm-28mm
• Minimum labeled tire size: 27mm
• Tubeless Only

<4.5 Custom Decals available here>

"Not just the house-favourite.
It is the ultimate, Pro Team's weapon of choice.

Bringing Team UAE Emirates's season ranking to the Number-ONE Team in the world.
Meanwhile Tadej Pogacar finishes the season as the Number-ONE Rider in the world.

Achieving just one of those stats is incredible, achieving both is an overwhelming success. The 57 victories by 17 different riders propelled UAE Team Emirates to the winningest year in their history."

From the Curator;

SUMMARY - Whats new with Gen4. 

1) Its designed around wider, high volume tires.
This helps with aerodynamics and all the high-volume advantages like rolling resistance (efficiency), comfort, traction, control and handling

2) Its really light
Introducing the 2.3 - Enve's lightest wheel ever. 
Meanwhile, when you take the deepest, heaviest Gen4 wheel - the 6.7's and compare to the Gen3. It is lighter than both the 4.5 and the 5.6 disc. In fact the 6.7 (gen4) is only 17g heavier than the 3.4 (Gen3). If you need light and aero, here's your answer. 

In short, the Gen4 is Enve's ultimate wheel collection


Quick Compare;

Model Enve InnerDrive
Enve Alloy
Chris King
Chris King
R45D Ceramic
SP 56T

2.3 Disc (Gen4)

Ultimate Climber

Min; 25c
Aero; 27c

1137g 1197g 1211g 1208g 1071g

3.4 Disc (Gen4)

Swiss Army Knife

Min; 27c
Aero; 27-29c

1330g 1390g 1404g 1401g 1264g

4.5 Disc (Gen4)

House Favorite

Min; 27c
Aero; 27-28c

1392g 1452g 1466g 1463g 1326g

6.7 Disc (Gen4)

Higher Speeds

Min; 25c
Aero; 27-28c

1437g 1497g 1511g 1508g 1371g

SGD 4,290 SGD 3,850 SGD 5,100 SGD 5,390 SGD 4,550


Complete your wheel purchase with our 
Enve Bundle - Wheel Finishing Kit
Quick Compare; Weight

Tires + Rotors Weight
Premium Kit Enve SES 25c
AiNeon 160/160 CL
672 grams
Standard Kit Enve SES 25c
Ai2 160/160 CL
676 grams
Reference 1
Schwalbe Pro One TL 25c
SRAM Centerline X 160/160 CL
750 grams
Reference 2 Continental GP5000 TL 25c
Dura Ace RT900 160/160 CL
828 grams


<Curator notes>

R45D Centerlock Rear hub requires an external lockring. The best option on the market is the Ashima Lightweight Rotor Lockring.

Wheel is further Aero optimized with Enve tubeless tires.

Weight optimized
- We recommend:
"The World's Lightest Rotors" - Ashima AiNeon Centerlock Rotors

More than 25% lighter than top tier rotors like Dura Ace.

Only use the original
Enve Tubeless tape and Enve Tubeless Kit on your Enve wheelsets.

We have seen rim explosions with other 3rd party tapes.
They do not conform and stick to the profile of the rim bed, in other cases they were not the exact width or thickness necessary.