ENVE One-piece SES AR Bar / Stem Combo (Enve IN-Route)

ENVE One-piece SES AR Bar / Stem Combo (Enve IN-Route)

SGD 1,875.00 SGD 1,950.00 Save SGD 75.00

One-piece SES AR Bar Compatibility

From the Curator:

"If the existing 216 IN-Route cockpit permutations are not impressive enough, enter the Enve One-Piece SES AR cockpit, now available to the aftermarket.

The One-Piece cockpit adds another 21 size options to the mix! With bar widths ranging from 38 to 46cm. Stem options from 90-130mm, including some 5mm increments. - custom made in-house by a dedicated team in their Utah Factory.

The cockpit also includes, a proprietary computer and accessories mount, also proudly manufactured in the USA. This mount integrates into the handlebar and can house a EW-RS910 junction box with charging port. An aero cover cleverly hides everything from wind and elements, and works with or without the junction box. 

The AR One-piece bar looks amazing and resembles (to me) a hammerhead shark's unique head. A side by side comparison with the standard AR bar shows its a lot more aggressive with a foiled shaped middle portion, having done away with that round clamp area. 

More than just aero and aesthetics, cockpit weight comes in right around 315-340g, so we can expect a savings of 25-35%, depending on size - over the 2-piece cockpit."


Custom Made In-House

○ Bar Width Options: 38cm, 40cm, 42cm, 44cm, 46cm
○ Stem Size Options: 90mm-130mm in 5mm increments
○ Drop: -7 Degrees
○ Weight: 315g-340g
○ Reach: 76mm
○ Drop: 127mm
○ Drop Flare: 23.5mm
○ Torque Spec Steerer: 6Nm
○ Torque Spec Controls: 6Nm-8Nm
○ Stack Height: 40mm
○ Included Spacers: (2) 10mm (2) 5mm


  • SES AR One-Piece Handlebar
  • Hardware Kit
  • Shimano Junction Box Carrier
  • Integrated Bar-End Plugs
  • K-EDGE Computer Mount
  • 40mm Spacers (2 x 5mm) (3 x 10mm) (1 x 10mm External Bypass Spacer)

Key benefits:

- Reduced frontal area
- Eliminates external brake hoses and wires, placing them out of sight, and out of the wind.
- Strikes a balance between aerodynamic efficiencies, control and comfort.
- Saves weight

Introduced on the US-Made ENVE Custom Road bike and made available to select custom frame builders around the globe, the SES AR (All-Road) One Piece bar/stem combo is now being offered for the first time on the aftermarket.

As the flagship handlebar in ENVE's line-up, the SES AR One-Piece employs the IN-Route System for its internal routing. This bar will seamlessly integrate with ENVE's frame models and some custom built frames whose builders have chosen ENVE's IN-Route System as their preferred method for hidden routing.

The SES AR One-Piece is compatible with the ENVE Melee, MOG, and a variety of custom-built frames featuring ENVE's IN-Route System. Additional compatibilities will be announced in the future.

One-piece SES AR Bar Compatibility