Introduced on the US-Made ENVE Custom Road bike and made available to select custom frame builders around the globe, the SES AR One-Piece bar/stem combo is now being offered for the first time on the aftermarket. 

About the SES AR One-Piece Bar Stem

The flagship U.S.-Made handlebar delivers the innovative shape and performance of ENVE’s most popular handlebar in a lightweight, 330-gram, one-piece bar/stem package. 

Featuring an ergonomic shape, aerodynamic profile, and IN-Route System integration, the bar/stem combo is optimized for ENVE’s own frame models, the Custom Road, Melee, and MOG, as well as a variety of custom-built frames featuring ENVE’s IN-Route System internal routing design, such as Mosaic, Argonaut, and Prova.


About ENVE IN-Route Integration

IN-Route works by routing hoses and wires through the handlebar, into the stem, and down into the front of the head tube. This is accomplished by using a fork with a round 1.125” steerer and running the hoses/wires between the steerer and the larger 1.5” upper headset bearing. The top bearing cover and spacers match the shape of ENVE’s IN-Route stem and SES AR One-Piece Handlebar. 


SES AR One-Piece Compatibility


ENVE Frames

The SES AR One-Piece is compatible with the ENVE Melee, MOG, and Custom Road, all of which use ENVE’s IN-Route cable routing system. The bar can be purchased and installed on any of these bikes using the same cable routing process as the two-piece bar and stem combinations. Riders should ensure handlebar geometry on the one-piece system aligns with their desired fit.


Custom Builder Partners

ENVE has long supported the custom bike builder market with forks, stems, handlebars and other aftermarket components. The IN-Route system was rolled out to these builders over the last few years, allowing these brands to incorporate the IN-Route system to their own frame designs seamlessly. This means any of the bikes built by these brands using the IN-Route system will fit any of ENVE’s IN-Route products, including the SES AR One-Piece handlebar. 

Compatibility with individual bikes and models should be discussed with these framebuilders. Brands include Mosaic, Argonaut, Prova, and others throughout the world.


Other Makes and Models

Our intent is to make the SES AR One-Piece and all IN-Route components available across as many frame models as possible so riders can continue upgrading to their favorite components without compromise. In 2023, while working with the UAE Team Emirates we developed a custom top bearing cover that allows the Colnago V4Rs to seamlessly integrate with IN-Route components. This cover will be available soon to the aftermarket – it is still undergoing the final steps of testing before becoming available for public purchase. 

While Colnago is the first frame model to have official compatibility and a matching top-bearing cover, we are currently expanding this concept to ensure ENVE components can be seamlessly integrated with the most popular frame models on the road. We hope to have these options available for consumers throughout the coming months of 2024. Please note that due to the diverse market, we may not be able to test compatibility with every bike model. 


So Will it Fit my Bike?

Currently, the SES AR One-Piece is only guaranteed compatibility with ENVE’s own frame models and the frames of custom builders using ENVE’s IN-Route design. Bikes using a similar system to IN-Route may be compatible with the new SES AR One-Piece with some slight modifications. These systems must route hoses and wires internally through the stem and between the upper bearing and steerer tube. However we can’t guarantee compatibility of non-ENVE frame fitments. Modifications to other bikes may void warranties, so be sure to check with your frame manufacturer. 

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