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New on our team bikes for 2017 are the Zayante road cranks. These sleek looking cranks have been popping up all over the cycling media and getting rave reviews from outlets like BikeRadar, Cycling Weekly, and CyclingNews. Now that I’ve had them on my bike for 6 months, it’s time to add my in-depth review into the mix.

I can’t start talking about the cranks withought first talking about Praxis as a company. They’re based in Santa Cruz and have been around for 10 years. They’re known in the area as the hippest and raddest company around. These guys know what they’re doing, and they know how to ride. They are exactly the kind of company I feel great about supporting.


The Praxis Zayante crank is the type of touch added to a bike that shows you know what you’re riding and you know what’s good. Any discerning roadside critic will know you’ve specifically chosen this crank over one of the cranks normally spec’d on a bike from the factory. It has the cool factor going for it.

The hollow forged cranks have a 30 mm spindle and a wide bearing stance that makes the crank super stiff. They come with a few different chainring options, including the mid-compact 52/36 set up. That’s what I went with, and I think it’s what everyone should be riding. When paired with an 11-28 cassette, you will have a wide enough gear range to tackle anything on pavement. The LevaTime chainrings are the best aftermarket rings on the market, hands down. Shifting is crisp and precise when set up on the SRAM eTap group of my team bike.

In a world that sees top-shelf bike parts getting more and more expensive each year, the Zayante crank is refreshingly easy on your wallet. The crank alone retails for SGD 360. The crank with a 4iiii left arm powermeter, the option that all the guys on the team are running, retails for USD 530. (4iiii Power Meter Version only available in the US) That’s right, USD 530 for the crank and a high end powermeter. That’s awesome. Add a M30 bottom bracket for a BB86 bike for SGD 82.50 more and you’ll be ready to rip!


In summary, these cranks are light, stiff, affordable, look good, and come from a rad company.

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