Chris King | 3D VIOLET

Posted by Elite Custom on

35 years after its first appearance, we are bringing 3D Violet back as a component color for the 2023 season.​ First introduced in 1988, the vibrant hue was our first real “color” following the original silver and black headsets the company became known for.

Inspired by BMX culture of the ‘80s, 3D Violet became a runaway success and launched the colored anodization program that has been a cornerstone of our aesthetic ever since. “3D” in the color’s name refers to a specific, stock anodization color. It has no actual three-dimensional effect, nor will it cause the user to shift into a third dimension (probably).

“Over the years, we’ve produced a variety of eye-catching colors,” says our Design Manager Jay Sycip. “Having introduced several matte finishes recently, we decided it was the perfect time to bring back a classic, highly requested color, and 3D Violet was the standout choice.”

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