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Chris King Matte Bourbon

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Chris King - Matte Bourbon is confirmed as aĀ LIMITED EDITIONĀ colour for 2020.Ā It is available viaĀ PRE-ORDER only. And it will only beĀ available in 3 batches.Ā Batch #1 - Ships 2nd December, 2019.Ā - Pre-order Closed.<Update> This shipment as arrived. <Update> All wheelbuilds are on schedule to ship on 3rd December. .Ā Batch #2 - Ships 16 March, 2020.- Pre-order closes on 9th December 2019.Batch #3 - Ships 13 July, 2020.- Third and FINAL batch of Bourbon.- Pre-order closes on 6th April 2020.To place an order, please email us at info@elitecustom.sg(Orders are only confirmed upon payment.)*There is no premium / upcharge for Matte Bourbon*Besides Bourbon,...

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