ENVE Releases New INNERDRIVE™ System in All New Premium Straight Pull Hubs

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January 11, 2024 – Ogden, Utah, USA

ENVE introduces the INNERDRIVE™ System housed in a new Premium Straight Pull hubshell. The complete system reduces weight, improves user experience, and increases durability over ENVE’s previous generation hubs. The Premium Straight Pull with INNERDRIVE™ hubset is immediately available on SES road and G Series gravel wheelsets, in addition to a hub-only option. “The hub is the heart of the wheel system. That being the case, a wheel's quality and performance are often judged by the hub's reliability. Over the last 10 years we have been on a mission to develop a hub that appropriately matches the quality and performance of ENVE’s rims. The new INNERDRIVE™ System is our solution that when paired with the refinements designed into our new straight pull hubshells, sets a new industry benchmark for hub reliability and performance,” stated VP or Product & Brand, Jake Pantone. The new Premium Straight Pull Hubs with the INNERDRIVE™ System build upon ENVE’s experience in hub design and feature the following key details.


As firm believers in the benefits of a ratchet system vs. a pawl system, ENVE set out to deliver their first 100% ENVE designed drive mechanism, INNERDRIVE™. By positioning the ratchets and bearings closer together and farther inboard, axle stress is reduced while bearing life is prolonged. The ratchets themselves are made from a proprietary hardened steel alloy and oversized to 42 mm in diameter, allowing for a broad range of tooth counts and engagement options to fine tune the hub to a rider’s needs and preferences. Elite level road racers may prefer the lower rolling resistance of the 40t ratchets, while off-road riders traveling technical terrain may opt for the higher engagement delivered by the 80 and 100 tooth options. Key benefits of the INNERDRIVE™ Premium hub include:

• Ratchets deliver zero-flex 360° engagement for maximum drive efficiency and reliability

• Four Engagement Options: Interchangeable ratchets allow riders to tune hub engagement to their personal performance needs. Whether it be maximizing efficiency, response, or reliability, we have a solution.

• Ratchet options include: 40t/9°, 60t/6°, 80t/4.5°, and 100t/3.6°. All road/gravel hubs, SES and G Series wheelsets will come stock with the 60t ratchet.

• INNERDRIVE™ System licensing opportunities are available. Please contact ENVE for more details.


Introduced in 2019, Perfect Preload™ is a system that further prolongs bearing life by eliminating the need for bearing preload adjustments. Using a tuned wave washer, bearing preload is optimized from the factory and dynamically adjusted over the life of the hub. This system produces a fixed pre-load setting that eliminates bearing slop and the need for riders to adjust pre-load.


An updated hubshell sheds 60 grams in weight over ENVE’s previous generation of J-bend premium hubs, bringing them down to 326 grams for the pair, while increasing wheel stiffness and achieving greater simplicity in several areas.

• Consistent Spoke Lengths: ENVE’s latest straight pull hubshell design allows for the use of a single spoke length for any given rim diameter, simplifying the user experience for service and maintenance.

• Anti-Twist Spoke Hole: To further improve the quality of the wheel build, spoke tension consistency, and to prevent spoke damage during wheel build, an anti-twist feature has been designed into the hubshell to prevent the spoke from twisting during wheel build or while riding.

• Silent Spoke Crossings: The straight pull hubshell puts space between each spoke ensuring that your ENVE wheelset cannot experience spoke creak.

• A single spoke length is utilized for any given rim diameter, meaning drive-side and nondrive side spoke lengths are the same.

• The hubs feature high-performance full stainless-steel bearings and races to ensure fast rolling, corrosion resistant longevity. Bearings use non-contact inner bearing seals for reduced rolling resistance and full-contact outer seals to ensure debris-free performance and bearing longevity.


Over the course of the past 10 months, the INNERDRIVE™ System has been thoroughly tested under the UAE Team Emirates to ensure durability and performance across a wide variety of terrain and weather conditions. ENVE’s Director of Marketing, Neil Shirley said, “Knowing what the Premium Straight Pull Hubs have already endured over the course of the 2023 season with the UAE Team Emirates logging tens of thousands of miles, and winning numerous Grand Tour stages on them, we’re confident in the performance of such a critical component of the wheel system. Developing the INNERDRIVE™ System with the team is an incredible opportunity that delivers an enormous amount of feedback in a short period of time.” The Premium Straight Pull hubs with INNERDRIVE™ System are available on SES and G Series wheels, in addition to a hubset-only option priced at US$750 a set. Hubs are available in 24 hole with HG, XDR, MS, and N3W freehub options in 12x100 and 12x142 axle configurations. Additionally, the ENVE INNERDRIVE™ System is available to OEM for licensing opportunities. For more information, please contact ENVE.

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