An introduction to T47 Bottom Brackets

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T47 Bottom bracket on a Cielo Racer Disc 2017

Chris King says the solution for creaky press-fit bottom brackets is good old-fashioned threads. 

Here, we have 3 types, the ThreadFit24 (BSA) the ThreadFit30 (For BSA to Oversized spindles) and the latest Open standard, T47 (Basically a PF30 with Threads)

The intention of the T47 is to provide an oversize bottom bracket shell for compatibility with many crank axle variants, and generous real-estate for oversized frame tubes (light, stiff, etc.), but with a quiet and user-friendly threaded cups.

The "open" standard means anyone can use it. The standard is designed to allow most metal frames with PF30 shells to be converted to T47 by cutting threads into the existing BB.

The T47 branches out into 4 different models of bottom brackets, depending on the crank spindle, whether it is a 24mm spindle, or an oversized 30mm. There is also an 'X' and an 'I' version depicting External and Internal cups, respectively. 



Bottom Bracket Conversion Kits available here

What do you think? Did we really need another standard? 

Personally, we think this is the future moving forward, and it's a shame this was not done earlier, especially on steel or Ti frames. 

But for those of you, still on your Press-Fit frames, Praxis Work's Bottom Brackets are the best, no-adaptor solution and at an affordable price. They feature a Thread-on design where the bottom bracket threads on itself as the Bottom bracket is pressed into the frame. This two pronged, simultaneous action better secures the bottom bracket, prevents 'walking' and ultimately mutes creaking at the BB that so many have experienced. 

Here's a video on Installation to get a better idea:

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