Chris King® THREADFIT™ 30 Bottom Bracket

Chris King® THREADFIT™ 30 Bottom Bracket

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Built on the familiar BSA threading, the ThreadFit™ 30 is reliable. A silky smooth, long-lasting bottom bracket built around our angular contact bearings that wear in instead of out. The ThreadFit™30 is made for 30mm spindles.

Fully serviceable and backed by our 5-year built-to-last warranty this bottom bracket will outlast your bike. Built to ultra tight aerospace tolerances we use machined Delrin spindle sleeves to create a perfect, and precise, fit between cranks and frame, providing ultra low drag, and a butter smooth feel. 

Our our ThreadFit™30 is ready for a wide selection of cranks.

The Fit Kit for our ThreadFit™ 30 with 30mm spindle cranks is available here. The Fit Kit for DUB cranks is available here.

  • Engineered, manufactured and assembled in Portland, Oregon USA
  • King Lifetime Warranty
  • Legendary made-in-house bearings
  • Available in 9 beautifully anodized colors
  • Responsibly lightweight
  • Easily serviceable with our integrated grease injection system
  • Find your fit with our required conversion kits
  • Ceramic bearing upgrade available
  • Uses Chris King bottom bracket cup tool for installation 

ThreadFit 30 Tools:

Part Number: Description



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Bottom Bracket (Part#)
Steel Ceramic
Threadfit 24 F(c)0810 F(c)0815
Threadfit 30 F(c)0811 F(c)0816
T47 24i F(c)0814 F(c)0819
T47 24x F(c)0812 F(c)0817
T47 30i F(c)0813 F(c)0818
T47 30x F(c)0820 F(c)0821
 SKU ^ (c) = Colour

Polished Colours:
Black (B), Red (R), Silver (S), Navy (N), Violet (P)

Matte Colours:
Matte Jet (J), Matte Slate (H), Matte Mango (W), Matte Turquoise (Q)


Table Fit Kit
Fit Kit
Fit Kit
Fit Kit
Fit Kit
Fit Kit
Threadfit24       A   B
Threadfit30 C D E      
T47 24i       F   G
T47 24x       H   I
T47 30i J       K  
T47 30x L       M  
(Part#) PBB079 PBB080 PBB083 PBB084 PBB085 PBB086


Fitment Shell Crank Type Shell Width Bottom Bracket Fit Kit #
Fitment A BSA Shimano 68/73 Threadfit24 Fit Kit 4
Fitment B BSA GXP 68/73 Threadfit24 Fit Kit 6
Fitment C BSA DUB MTB 68/73 Threadfit30 Fit Kit 1
Fitment D BSA DUB Road 68/73 Threadfit30 Fit Kit 2
Fitment E BSA 30mm (except BB30) 68/73 Threadfit30 Fit Kit 3
Fitment F T47 Shimano 86/92 T47 24i Fit Kit 4
Fitment G T47 GXP 86/92 T47 24i Fit Kit 6
Fitment H T47 Shimano 68/73 T47 24x Fit Kit 4
Fitment I T47 GXP 68/73 T47 24x Fit Kit 6
Fitment J T47 DUB 86/92 T47 30i Fit Kit 1
Fitment K T47 30mm 68/73/86/92 T47 30i Fit Kit 5
Fitment L T47 DUB 68/73 T47 30x Fit Kit 1
Fitment M T47 30mm (except BB30) 68/73 T47 30x Fit Kit 5


Conversion Kit # Fit Kit Equivalent
1 N/A
2 N/A
3 N/A
4 N/A
5 N/A
6 Fit Kit 6
7 Fit Kit 6
8 Fit Kit 4
9 Fit Kit 6
10 Fit Kit 4
11 Fit Kit 6
12 Fit Kit 4
13 Fit Kit 6
14 Fit Kit 4
15 Fit Kit 6
16 Fit Kit 4
17 Fit Kit 6
18 Fit Kit 6
19 Fit Kit 6
20 Fit Kit 4
21 Fit Kit 3
22 Fit Kit 3
23 Fit Kit 3
24 Fit Kit 3
25 Fit Kit 4
26 Fit Kit 6
27 Fit Kit 5
28 Fit Kit 5
29 Fit Kit 5
30 Fit Kit 5