Installation of XDR Conversion Kit for Chris King R45 Hubs

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Step 1: 

If you have a pre-existing R45 hub, purchase the appropriate XDR Conversion kit, they are available in Steel / Ceramic bearings. Unfortunately, the XDR freehub uses a proprietary axle and bearing, so purchasing the hub shell is insufficient, and your existing campy / shimano parts are not compatible with the XDR. 

You can purchase the Conversion kits here: XDR Conversion kit

Step 2: 

Check that you have all the parts listed.

Step 3:

Slide Outer Drive shell bearing onto the axle. Use the Laser etched wording to note the orientation of the bearing, the White Seal should be inside the hub and Black seal facing the outside. 

Step 4:

Slide the Bearing cone onto the axle. Tapered (Narrower) side should be facing the bearing, so bearing can sit on the conical portion later. 

Step 5:

Insert Drive Shell Spacer Spring into XDR Drive Shell. Spring direction does not matter.

Step 6:

Slip O-Ring on to spring drive spacer spring.

Step 7:

Its time to slip the Axle & Bearing assembly through the Freehub Drive Shell assembly. 

Step 8:

Slip the O-Ring into the groove, on the Free Hub End then slip on the Free Hub End onto the assembly. Note the orientation, the side with the rubber ring needs to go into the Drive Shell. Press it in, all the way.

Step 9: 

Drip a bit of CK RingDrive lube 2.0, on the Helical (Sprial) portion of the axle and its ready to be installed into your existing hub. 
If you do not have the RingDrive lube, you can purchase the proprietary lube here: Chris King RingDrive lube 2.0

Step 10:

Screw on the Adjusting Clamp (from your exisiting hub) on the non-drive side and tension the pre-load just enough, so it holds the assembly together, and the bearings still feel smooth. 

Step 11: 

Fit the Axle ends onto both sides of the Axle. 

Step 12: (Optional)

Check pre-load of hub after a few rides, after the new bearings run in. 


If you have any doubts, please visit a Chris King Authorised Dealer, 
contact us via email at or give us a call at +65 6256 2028. 

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