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Big news from Praxis at Eurobike were several all new Turn cranksets, and then this single ring road setup. Built off of the popular and successful hollow forged Zayante crankset, this crank is essentially a new spider developed as a result of rider feedback from those switching to single ring setups for time trials and flat road riding. This new Zayante Sprint crankset has a proprietary 4-bolt 160mm BCD that Praxis developed to maximize chainring stiffness with 48-52T rings. Developed with track cranks in mind, the new crankset combines their M30 spindle and the hollow forged arms of the original crankset for what should be a crank with one of the best stiffness:weight ratios on the market.

Turn the page for three more all-new road and mountain cranks, new 1x mountain ring offerings, and the redesign of the forged Clover road chainrings…


Turn_Alba-Road_2D-forged-crankset_by-Praxis-Works_5-arm_110BCD_2x_integrated-spider Turn_Alba-Road_2D-forged-crankset_by-Praxis-Works_5-arm_110BCD_2x_forged-crankarm

Next up on the new crankset front are a set of Turn Alba Road compact double cranks. Using an integrated spider, the crankset is two dimensionally forged, so no hollow arms, but still excellent forged stiffness. Named after a painful road climb in Praxis’ Santa Cruz backyard, the Albas will add a little weight over the Zayantes, but will come down in price and satisfy those who prefer the one piece arm-spider aesthetic. The cranks stick with the M30 spindle and BB, and will come spec’ed with a choice of Praxis mid-compact, compact, cyclocross, or 1x cross rings. Cranksets will be available in 165, 170, 172.5, and 175mm arm lengths.

Turn_MTB-mountain-bike_2D-forged-crankset_by-Praxis-Works_4-arm_104BCD_2x_integrated-spider Turn_MTB-mountain-bike_2D-forged-crankset_by-Praxis-Works_4-arm_104BCD_2x_forged-crankarm

On the mountain side Turn have a similar offering to lower the price of entry. The 2D MTB double crank also uses an integrated spider, this time a 104/64BCD, and goes for 2D forging. Again a small weight gain over the Girders will be offset by lower cost and a one piece look. These cranks also use the M30 system, and will come with a Praxis mountain double or wide/narrow 1x ring. Crank arms will be available in 165, 170, and 175mm lengths.

Turn_MTB-mountain-bike_2D-forged-crankset_by-Praxis-Works_1x_SRAM-3-bolt-direct-mount Turn_Girder_Boost-compatible-spider_forged_by-Praxis-Works_4-arm_94BCD_1x

The last new crank is another version of the new 2D MTB crankset, this time in Direct Mount guise. Using the SRAM 3-bolt direct mount system they will come with a 28-38T Praxis ring, and are also available in 165, 170, and 175s. The new cranks are as yet unnamed as Turn has them hot out of the forge. The 2D MTB cranks will be offered in both regular 49mm and Boost 52mm chainlines.

Back on the hollow-forged Girder front, Turn have a new Boost compatible spider option that moves your chainline out for perfect shifting. They will be phasing out the current BCD to go with a SRAM-friendly 94BCD, that lets 1x setups run down to a 28T chainring. The new Girders will also be available in a 52mm chainline for the new wider Boost rear hub spacing, or a standard 49mm as well.


Back over to the chainring side of things, Praxis has a lot more rings to offer on the 1x mountain bike side of things. Since there isn’t a huge need for forging with single chainring setups like with doubles, Praxis is going all out with hard ano machined 7075-T6 rings.

Praxis-Works_Direct-Mount_machined_wide-narrow_chainrings_mountain-bike_SRAM-3-bolt Praxis-Works_SRAM_machined_wide-narrow_chainrings_mountain-bike_4-arm_94BCD Praxis-Works_forged-steel_wide-narrow_chainrings_mountain-bike_cromo

They will now offer their Wide/Narrow single rings in XTR-friendly 96 BCD, SRAM-friendly 94BCD, good ole’ standard 104BCD, and the SRAM 3-bolt Direct Mount that also works with their new cranks. Chainring sizes go down to 28T on the BCDs that fit and all go up to 38T. On the heels of SRAM’s announcement of super low-cost $20 replacement steel rings, Praxis had a steel ring to show as well, although probably on a different end of the market. The Praxis rings are made out of a high quality chromoly steel that was chosen to out-perform and out-last the machined aluminum rings, so likely they won’t come near that $20 mark. Pricing hasn’t been determined yet, but we got the sense that SRAM’s introduction will lower the price of the Praxis ring before it even hits the market.

Praxis-Works_new-clover-design_forged-road-chainrings_5-arm-4-arm-hidden_compact_110BCD Praxis-Works_new-clover-design_forged-road-chainrings_5-arm-4-arm-hidden_compact_110BCD_swapable-pin

Last up are completely reworked Praxis New Clover road chainring sets. With a number of hidden arm 110BCD cranksets on the market, Praxis wasn’t satisfied with their ring sets that only had a single pin to protect cranks from overshifts, so they took it as an opportunity to rework the entire ring set. The more symmetric Clover rings will be phased out and replaced with these rings that have a look more like the SRAM design.

Praxis-Works_new-clover-design_forged-road-chainrings_5-arm-4-arm-hidden_compact_110BCD_align-pin-with-crank Praxis-Works_new-clover-design_forged-road-chainrings_5-arm-4-arm-hidden_compact_110BCD_two-pin-positions

The new chainrings get a slightly updated LevaTime shaping and will still be cold forged for excellent performance and long life. The only noticeable outward difference besides the new aesthetic of the big ring, will be a second pin placement and laser etched instructions on the inside of the rings. Riders will now be able to screw in a removable pin on the side that aligns with their crank arm and maximize shift timing. Two different length pins will be included with the rings, as well as a small black plug to fill the extra hole.

Availability and pricing on the new cranks wasn’t yet available, but we’ll let you know when it is. The chainrings are all in production and should start making their way into the supply chain this winter.

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