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We first found out about and sought after the Praxis Works Conversion BB when our Turner RFX arrived for testing and we realised that it had a BB30 shell.  Since we only had SRAM GXP cranks on hand and we also have an aversion to the BB30 system in general, we reached out to Praxis Works to see if their solution could get us out of our current quagmire.  Fortunately they obliged.  Read on to see how it treated us over the last few months.


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  • For SRAM™/Truvativ™/Quarq GXP™/ISIS2STEEL Spindle, also Oval Concepts 400 series MTN cranks.
  • Designed precisely to SRAM bearing stance & chain line spec.
  • Forged & machined heat-treated 7075 T6 Aluminum
  • Enduro 2437 Drive /2237ER Non-Drive steel bearings
  • For 73mm BB30 or PF30 mountain frames
  • Not for BBRight,BB386EVO, BB86, BB92 frames
  • 68mm version cannot be used for MTB Cranks
  • MTB Guides-ISCG05 Good, ST Mounted Good, ISCG03 Not Good



The install was surprisingly easy; the BB ships with clear, succinct instructions which you can always reference here.  Additionally, Praxis have put together the foolproof video below to make it even more difficult to screw up. Note : the video shows instructions for a Shimano BB, but the process and general idea is the same for SRAM; at least when it comes to pressing in the BB.

Required :

2 Threaded bottom bracket tools
Headset Press
8mm wrench(to install crankset)

All in all, we spent about 15 minutes on this install and it was a breeze.  It helped that we were starting with a new frame, but the bottom line is that it was quick, easy and fool proof.

On the Trail

There really isn’t much to discuss when it comes to a bottom bracket review as it has a relatively thankless job in the first place.  Basically, it needs to just work and work quietly.  We’re close to the half year mark and the Praxis BB is still smooth as silk, hasn’t made a peep and looks as good as new.  All of the seals are intact and the bearings feel flawless.  Nothing has shifted out of place or shown any signs of premature wear whatsoever.  Put it this way, compared to a few of our friends with BB30 bottom brackets, we’re much better off.



This is a brilliant product, not only is it extremely high quality, it’s also a great solution product.  Whether you are trying to fit SRAM GXP or Shimano Hollowtech cranks to a BB30 frame, $85.00 is a small price to pay to avoid buying a new crankset.  The threaded, collet style construction is creak free and genius.  The quad ring bearings are absolutely of the highest grade and should outlast most of the other bearings on your bike.  This is a no brainer for anyone trying to convert BB30 frames to use other cranksets.


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