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Want to go disc, but holding back on the transition because of the ‘weight disadvantage’?

The New 2019 SpeedCarbon Disc Clincher from Carbon-Ti not only bridges that gap, but surpasses it. 

You can now embrace all the advantages that Road Disc bikes have to offer without looking back. 


At 38mm deep and just 1250grams, it is deeper and lighter than their competitors. 

Hack, even lighter than most other non-disc wheelsets! 


It is a weightweenie’s dream wheelset and like all other Carbon-Ti components, these wheels (rims and hubs) are proudly Made-in-Italy. 


A Tubular version is also available and weighs in at just 1170g. 


All Carbon-Ti Speed Carbon Disc are built-to-order in their factory in Italy. 

Colour hub options and matching decals kits are available. 




Technology and features:




The SpeedCarbon Disc Rims are completely new for 2019. 

Carbon-Ti wanted to create a rimset that would do it all. 

To achieve their goal, they spared no expense in material and manufacturing.

The result, an extremely lightweight rim with their high standards of function and durability

They implemented an asymmetric design to increase the wheel’s stiffness, improve ride quality and resist the harsh forces of braking

With their new design, they’ve managed to put all the strength at the right places, hence the decision to reduce the hole count to 24/24H without any compromise, while its predecessor was a 28/28H.  

Having checked the light and strong boxes, Carbon-Ti decided to make the wheel a lot faster, by embracing a mid-section profile of 38mm

Giving the rider an aero-advantage, without sacrificing control and handling. Its the perfect all-rounder. 


(Anything above 40mm would require a heavy investment in Aero R&D and serious time in the wind tunnel. Only a few brands do it right in this area and we’d definitely go with Enve.)

Being a modern rim, it is designed wide, with an external width of 25mm and an internal of 19.5mm, so it’ll fit a good range of tyre sizes, maximising the potential of road disc bikes and the larger tire clearance they offer. 

These rims are hookless, and can be run with a tubeless set up, or with standard clincher tyres and tubes.

A flat profile at the valve hole aids the lockdown of the the valve stem. 


So just how strong are these rims? 

Well, they are designed as a superlight mid-section road disc wheel, but they are strong enough for Gravel or Cyclocross use. 


100% made in Italy and backed up by a 2 year warranty.





The SpeedCarbon Disc wheelset features their latest SP X-hubs

They are superlightstraightpull hubs with an oversized AL7075-T6 Machined body and 6-Bolt disc mounts. 

(Centerlock hubshells are generally lighter, but as a system they tend to be heavier overall because most of the weight is at the rotor mount and lockring.

We also find that while CL rotors are a little easier to install for the common man, there’s a lot more play in the disc rotor, because hubshell manufacturers and rotor manufacturers have different tolerances. 

Some hubs work better with the SRAM Centerlock rotors, while others might work better with the Shimano Centerlock rotors. 

The ISO (6-Bolt) system eliminates that, and are generally on the more economical side of things.)

In the 24/24H configuration, with Front TA12 / Rear 142x12 axles, and Shimano Freehub, they weigh a mere 272grams (A PAIR)

Front: 89g

Rear: 183g

The front hubs are also available with standard QR or TA15 axles

The rears are available in standard QR or 142x12 Thru-Axles. And the full range of free hub bodies: Sram/ShimanoXD and Campagnolo.

They run on Hi-performance sealed bearings and feature an external pre-load system, an upgrade from the previous model. 

On top of the pre-load, these hubs feature double the engagement with 56 points of engagement, up from 28 points in the older non-SP variants. (The new models have the 56T Ratchet Ring label as in photo above.)

Their pawls are also upgraded with teeth, to have a total of 12 simultaneous points of contact when engaged. This same 56T ratchet upgrade is also implemented on their non-Disc X-Hubs, as pictured above, and Carbon-Ti has managed it without any weight penalty. 

It is a serious performance hub in a very light package. 

The Carbon-Ti hubs are available in 8 colours.  

- Black

- Acid Green

- Blue

- Gold

- Green

- Mirror Polished

- Red

- Silver


100% Made in Italy






The SpeedCarbon Disc wheelsets (at least the batch we received) are laced with Sapim CX Ray, Straight-pull spokes. 

(The 2018 model was built with Alpina Hyperlite spokes. Alpina is a very high-end Italian manufacturer of spokes that still do it in-house in Italy. 

We are unsure if Carbon-Ti would revert back to these spokes. But we guess that the motive of the move to Sapim seems to be one of easy access and availability. 


What’s for sure is, as a Sapim distributor, it helps us in terms of after-sales service.)


The Sapim CX Ray is one of the most successful spoke in the industry. 

They are still manufactured in Belgium today, and we believe they have expanded to other facilities across Europe, like France, to cope with the demand from other high-end manufacturers like Zipp and Enve. 

These spokes are Bladed to increase aerodynamic benefitssave weight and more importantly, increase overall torsional stiffness of the wheel. The CX Ray spokes are anodised black which adds to the aesthetics of the wheelset. 

More importantly, this anodisation increases the hardness and scratch resistance of the spoke, and serves as a protective layer against perspiration and other atmospheric agents.  


Other Relevant Components:

To compliment this Superlight Disc wheelset, we would recommend Carbon-Ti's X-Rotors.

These rotors feature a semi-floating design and weigh in at a mere 65 grams. They are available in 3 sizes, 140, 160 and 180. The braking surface is made of steel, that has undergone a gold-coloured ceramic treatment. It also features a unique design that reduces wear on the pads while ensuring optimal braking power and heat dissipation.

The X-Rotor's beauty and lightweight characteristic comes from its carbon inner body that is held together by laser eteched, Titanium fixing riverts. They can be used with any pads. These rotors are best mounted with their Titanium Bolt Kit, as in picture. They weigh in at 7.8 grams, and feature a low profile for better clearance and a Torx T25 Socket which helps prevent rounding.

Like all Carbon-Ti products, both the X-Rotors and Titanium Bolt Kits are 100% Made in Italy.  


To Purchase: SpeedCarbon Disc Wheelset 

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