Chris King Discontinues 3 Colours, Gold, Pink, Pewter

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You've probably heard by now, and the remours are true.
Chris King has discontinued production of all Pink, Gold and Pewter components.

If you were thinking of having a 2017 build in any of these 3 colours, or would like to grab some components to keep / collect, this would be your chance to get your orders in. 

Don't miss out on this opportunity, Chris King components that are discontinued always become more desirable. 
In fact, we're still getting enquiries on Purple, Olive Crate and Sour Apple up till today. 

Its sad to see these iconic colours go, but, on the bright side, this would create room for potentially new colours from Chris King. And if so, which colours would you like to see? 

Chris King has a reputation of launching new products subtly, by putting new product / prototypes on small builder bikes at the North American Handmade Bike Show (NAHBS) or at the Sea Otter Classics.  

More than just new colours, we personally hope to see hubs available in a different finish, just like the hand polished matte finish you'd find on Chris King's 40th Anniversary - Olive Crate. That would be a nice change. 

PS: Pink, Gold and Pewter, available only while stocks last.
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