Shanghai Bike Show 2015

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I'm not allowed to post photos of the bike show because I'm being contracted; my meetings are strictly confidential, but here's a little bit of Shanghai while I was out. 

I did make some new friends during my spare time in the night. You should definitely check these guys out if you happen to be in Shanghai. The owner, Chain Zou now has 2 bike shops and a cafe in Shanghai. I visited him at the shop closer to Zhongshan. Its a little tough locating them because they are located within a block and their entrance is in a private carpark. I do not think I would have made it there if they had not picked me up from my hotel. Anyway, it is definitely worth the visit. 

CHNO is their cafe + Spin gym. You can get caffeinated and get on a trainer in the same vicinity. 

You can also pop into their shop next door to get a service or purchase a bike. 

Nothing much other than that.. Just some mandatory photos of Shanghai...

The Bund in the Day

The Bund in the night


Its a beautiful city, I'll be back for more! 



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