Smart Training With Team Sky & The Wahoo KICKR Power Trainer

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Matt Stephens talks with Tim Kerrison, the Head Of Athlete Development at Team Sky. Tim discusses the warm up / down activities undertaken by the riders, something Team Sky created headlines with at the Tour de France a few years ago.

Luke Rowe uses the KICKR for training when the weather is bad, and is able to replicate the cobbled climb efforts. He can be found listening to "old skool rap" Dr Dre, Fifty Cent, Eminem.

Ian Boswell feels that training with accurate power has improved his race day performance, particularly since the home trainers of old! Ian recalls the most challenging home trainer session he's done. Back in 2014 with Bradley Wiggins. A 1.5hr session with 3x15min blocks at threshold. He stared at the power and got on with it!

Jon Dibben has transformed from using rollers to warm up for track events to now using a smart trainer to get the resistance needed for the efforts that will be required.

The Wahoo KICKR smart trainer plays a vital part in every aspect of training and competition for Team Sky.


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