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Mountain bikers aren’t the only ones that will benefit from ENVE’s new Foundation Collection. Along with the all new AM30 wheelset, ENVE is launching two new models for the road – the ENVE 45 and ENVE 65.

Like the mountain side, the road Foundation Collection benefits from ENVE’s improvements in manufacturing efficiencies at their state of the art production facility. The ability to produce enough Foundation Collection wheels to meet demands while also being able to reduce the price were both key to the success of the new wheels. While still made in the USA, the Foundation Claims to offer best in class technology without completely emptying your bank account.

Similar to the AM30’s deference to the original ENVE wheels, the ENVE 45 & 65 are named after their rim depths and pay tribute to the original road wheels that were launched way back in 2007. Unlike the SES (Smart ENVE System) wheels that use staggered rim depths, the Foundation Collection uses the same rim profile front and rear.

However, the Foundation rims are still similar to the SES rim profile and have been extensively tested for aerodynamics in the Mercedes F1 Wind Tunnel in the UK. Testing was performed with the wheels in-frame of a new Scott Foil, and at both 32kph/20mph and 48kph/30mph. Not surprisingly, the Foundation wheels slot in between SES wheelsets in terms of weighted average drag, but the also provide a good balance of cross wind stability and low weight according to ENVE’s results. More interesting is that in ENVE’s charts, the Foundation wheels offer equal or better levels of rider comfort thanks to a “full carbon laminate that has been tuned for vibration absorption to combat fatigue over long hours in the saddle.”

Optimized for tubeless tires from 25 – 28mm, the Foundation rims have a 21mm internal width and 28mm external. Those wide hookless beads don’t just provide impact protection on the mountain bike side of things – they’re equally effective on the road when you hit a pothole, curb, or other big impact.

Like ENVE’s other carbon rims, the Foundation rims use their patented molded spoke holes. This time, the nipples remain internal given the deep rims provide plenty of room inside.

Built with ENVE’s own Foundation Road Hub, this hub is similar to their premium hub but with a few changes in machining. It still features optimized flange geometry to provide the best wheel build while keeping weight to a minimum. You’ll also find their Instant Drive 360 (ID360) freehub with a 40t ratchet which is available in Shimano, SRAM XDR, and Campy designs. The hubs use Centerlock brake mounts and roll on premium full contact sealed NTN steel bearings. Claimed weights are 124g for the front and 232-252g for the rear.



Complete wheels are built with 24 Sapim CX Sprint spokes front and rear. Offered in disc brake configurations only, complete weights are claimed at 1561g for the 45s and 1641 for the 65s. Rim weights are given as 455g/510g respectively.

Just like the AM30s, the ENVE 45 & 65 Foundation Collection wheels start at $1,600 (SGD 2560) a set. That includes the same 5 year warranty and Lifetime Incident Protection program which requires you to register the wheels and keep your proof of purchase to be eligible.

Both wheels are available now.


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