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The Enve Garmin Mount has been the answer to the prayers of many who own an ENVE stem and a bike computer with a Garmin interface, like the Wahoo RFLTK.

The Enve Garmin mount has been easy to use and there has not been any installation issues cropping up. However, some enquiries we've been getting led us on to this modification project. 

Q. Can the Enve Garmin Mount fit a Garmin 1000?

A. The manufacturer's answer is that it is indeed possible but it has to be at the highest of the 4 reverse mounting positions - this is absolutely correct. However, some may find this position awkward or unjust as it loses that sleek look they desire, while others might find the position too high for easy viewing. 

Fret not, a simple and FREE modification to the Enve Garmin Mount solves this. 

In fact, after modification, the Garmin works nicely, in all reversible positions, and even has enough clearance to use the Garmin 1000 with its silicon casing on. All you need to do is add about 3.8mm to 3.85mm spacers to the mounting screws. 

So where can you find such spacers? We've been searching high and low for a good solution and before we resorted to fabrication, we found one that is easily accessible to Bike shops and Enve Dealers all around the world. In fact, a number of us might have them at home too!

A bicycle chain is the answer!

Step 1: Get some spare chain links or get it from a spare / used chain lying around. 

Step 2: Get a chain breaker dismantle the links by removing all chain pins. 

Step 3: The parts that we are after are the inner link bushings. (The round rings above.)

If you measure these up, they are 1.92mm in length. (We're using 11 speed Shimano chain links, I believe measurements may vary according to brand, speed and model) If you use 2 of these on each mounting screw, you should get a spacing of about 3.84mm which provides perfect clearance for your Garmin 1000. 

Note: if you want more spacing (more than 3.85mm), it should not be a problem, but you might need to change the screws to slightly longer ones, to ensure sufficient threads being threaded into the stem body. 

If you want to look for your own spacers, one restriction to note is, the OD should not be more than 8.4mm for the bushings to fit and sit nicely in the stem plate.

Our link bushings measure in at 7.66mm which work great.


Lastly, the mounting screws are M5 which means we need an ID of slightly more than 5mm. The link bushings measure in at 5.19mm, giving it just enough clearance for the M5 screw to slide though without interference. 

Step 4: Space the Garmin Mount out by using 2 of the 1.98mm bushings we acquired on each mounting screw and install the Garmin mount as you would. 

The result should look something like this.

There you have it! Garmin 1000, all installed and ready to Strava! 

In the photos above, you might have noticed another modification made to the Garmin Mount to mount a Camera. All you need to do is drill a slightly larger hole, insert a counter-sunk bolt and attach the other end to the camera mount. We advise using some loctite on the threads.

You could get creative with the types of mounts, but a Go-Pro Tripod mount would probably be the simplest.


As a further precaution, you could use some two-part epoxy in between the camera mount and the computer mount in addition to the above, though you would have hell of a time trying to separate the two components later on.  


For your safety, please do not attach a selfie stick. 

If you have any modifications you'd like to share, or have any enquiries, feel free to drop us an email at info@elitecustom.sg

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