PARLEE unveils new disc brake TTiR

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High end boutique brand Parlee introduced a very smart looking disc brake ready triathlon bike - simply dubbed TTiR. But are you ready for a triathlon bike with disc brakes? PARLEE had a TTiR bike before but Tom Rodi of PARLEE was adamant this bike is an all new bike, designed from the ground up. He also said that the previous version will disappear. 

"The big news about this bike is that it is the first and only real (to our knowledge) multisport or triathlon bicycle to feature disc brakes and through axles. After one ride on a hilly course, or one wheel swap, you will understand why we chose this path. We use the phrase "become a Disciple" in our ads for our disc road and cross/gravel bikes and we feel this expression is really appropriate for this bike. No one will want to go back to their rim-brake equipped tri bike after trying this bike. Changing from training to race wheels or aluminum to carbon can be done in 2-3 minutes without any drama. Carbon wheels become a lot easier to use year-round with discs. The advantages are extensive." said Rodi. 

Culprit actually had introduced variations of its Legend model with disc brakes dating back as far as 2013, but the brand never got any traction and word has it that they no longer produce any frames and will focus on components. In 2013 Ceepo also offered a disc brake on their Viper model, but that was only on the front and not on the back. Thus maybe this PARLEE TTiR is indeed the first real product with dual disc brakes and thru axles. But it is expected that we will see a few more disc brake equipped triathlon bikes roll out in the next months.

Why disc brakes? For triathletes who have gotten used to poor or inadequate braking there are several advantages beyond more powerful braking. When training wheels are replaced by either race wheels or new wheels, there is always the circus of tedious brake adjustments, unless the wheels happen to feature the same rim width and rim material. During adverse weather conditions rim braking is impacted greatly and that is not so with disc brakes - when set up properly they function well in any condition. But it is really the ease of wheel swaps that is most appealing to many athletes. 

But now let us have a look at this new PARLEE TTiR.

We managed to get pics of this new PARLEE TTiR super bike before it travels to various bike shows and gets likely drooled on. Notice also how nicely PARLEE shielded the discs for improved aerodynamics. The disc mounts are of the flat mount variety and the axles are 12mm front and rear.

The front end of this PARLEE is super clean because the typical caliper brake is not in place here. 

PARLEE worked with Profile Design on the cockpit of this TTiR

Up close with the new cockpit of the PARLEE TTiR.

The view from above also shows very clean lines. 

Tire clearance is set to 28mm front and back and that is the new standard. The rear derailleur hanger is replaceable and the rear brake is tucked away on the other side. 

There is a decent amount of adjustment space on the head of this PARLEE seat post. 

The seat post binder is hidden and straight forward

A closer look at the nicely pained disc aero shield of this show stopper triathlon bike. 

The PARLEE TTiR will be available in 4 sizes starting November 2016 and complete bike prices start at USD6,299. 


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