Praxis Zayante Carbon (Crank arms)

Praxis Zayante Carbon (Crank arms)

SGD 380.00 SGD 425.00 Save SGD 45.00
Brand Crank Arms (Direct Mount) Weight Price
THM Clavicula M3 325g $1,280
Praxis Zayante Carbon 385g $380
Crane Creek eeWings Titanium 400g $1,480


QUICK COMPARE - Crank Spiders:
Spider (DM3-110, 5arm)
Weight (g) Price
Lightworks 1X DM3 Carbon Spider 36g $245
EC-Direct Mount 2X
42g $50
THM M3 Clavicula Spider
43g $210
Crane Creek EE-Wing 1X
50g $70
Praxis DM3 Spider 2X
66g $75

In our opinion, these are the 3 best aftermarket DM cranks available.

THM needs no introduction, they have been in the market for ages and are pretty renown for their weight and performance. Crane creek's eeWings on the other hand are relatively new. Their cranks are completely made out of Titanium (wielded together), offering huge weight savings off stock arms and Titanium as a material makes a good choice for durability against elements and off road applications.

The Praxis Zayante Carbon falls somewhere between the two cranks in terms of weight, and it finds itself ahead, when we start counting dollars and grams.
It offers huge value at its extremely accessible price point.

- Lightweight Carbon Arms
- Oversized M30 Spindle
- 3 Bolt Direct Mount Compatibility
- Incredible Price Point

- 160mm (more expensive)

- 165mm
- 170mm
- 172.5mm

Available M30 Bottom Brackets compatibility:
- BB30 / PF30
- BB386EVO
- BBRight
- BSA (for Brompton)
- T47 IB
- T47 EB
- BB86