Praxis Doon Carbon (Crank arms)

Praxis Doon Carbon (Crank arms)

SGD 480.00 SGD 425.00


Brand Crank Arms (Direct Mount) Weight Price
THM Clavicula M3 325g $1,280
Praxis Doon Carbon 335g $480
Praxis Zayante Carbon 385g $380
Crane Creek eeWings Titanium 400g $1,480

QUICK COMPARE - Crank Spiders:

Crank Spiders
Weight (g) Price
Lightworks 1X DM3 Carbon Spider 36g $245
EC-Direct Mount 2X
42g $50
THM M3 Clavicula Spider
43g $210
Crane Creek EE-Wing 1X
50g $70
Praxis DM3 Spider 2X
66g $75

Power Meter Spiders

XCadey Gen2 PowerMeter (4Arm) 98g $495
XCadey Gen2 PowerMeter (5Arm) 104g $495
Sigeyi AXO PowerMeter (5Arm) 105g $550
Magene P505-S1103 PowerMeter (5arm) 110g $500
Power2Max Ng PowerMeter (5Arm) 152g $1,410
Power2Max Ngeco PowerMeter (5Arm) 160g $740


From the Curator;

"Introducing the newest and lightest road crankset from Praxis.
The Doon carbon arms weigh in at just 335grams, a whooping 50-70grams lighter (depending on length) than the current Zayante Carbon, which will continue to remain on the Praxis line up.

More amazingly, the weight savings are in the crank arms and spindle itself, so you’ll enjoy the full gains whether you purchase a full crank or just the armset.

Stock Doon Crankset weighs in at 535grams;

45grams lighter than SRAM RED
155grams lighter than DA9200
180grams lighter than Ultegra
190 grams lighter than SRAM Force

At just SGD 100 more than the Zaynate, the Doon is priced lower than a DA92 crank and ranks very high on our Cost-to-weight savings upgrades. 

For reference, swapping out an ENTIRE Ultegra groupset to DA, saves 212grams. 
But swapping out just the crankset saves 180grams and is a fraction of the cost. 

The Doon has a 30mm spindle, which brings more bottom bracket options such as Chris King Precision, but Praxis also has its full line of M30 Thru (30/30mm) bottom brackets which have been a great value proposition, even more so, with their bearing replacement kits available.

Praxis has World Tour presence with Team Total Energies and a larger range of Bottom Bracket specs, but we're excited that Chris King is compatible with the new Doon crank, bringing US-Manufacturing, Lifetime King Warranty and an array of 9 colours to the mix.

Each Doon is shipped with 2 pre-load adjusters, a narrow adjuster and a wider adjuster. This will help with clearance and get your preload dialled in with a wider range of aftermarket / 3rd party bottom brackets.

The X-spider and super large 160BCD chainrings remain the same as the trusty Zayante, using Levatime II shifting, keeping 10/11/12speed and AXS compatibility. The chainrings do have an appearance change, with a two-toned finish and 3 types of anodising, that accents its unique cold-forged complexities, further highlighting the signature manufacturing trait from Praxis, and adds hardness and durability to where it matters (ie. the teeth).  But Elite does offer the option of Full Black rings if you prefer to maintain a stealthy look.

The Doon uses a 3-Bolt Direct Mount (DM-3) interface, which offers compatibility to a myriad of spiders, establishing a versatile platform from which the rider can build on, based on ones needs and goals. Pick a direct mount chainring, a spider based PowerMeter, or a lightweight spider. Choose between 1X or 2X setups.
Build your Doon the way you want it."

Bottom Bracket Chart

Frame BB Spec Recommended Bottom Bracket 
BSA (English)
T47 (Internal)
T47 (External)
T47 (ASYM)
BB86 / PF86

The Doon is Praxis' newest and lightest road crank.
It is the ultimate marriage of lightness, stiffness and versatility. 

The Doon - named after one of the most famous roads in all of Santa Cruz. Just along the Santa Cruz coast, on Highway One,
there's an inland turn that sends shivers down riders' spines: the ocean-side transition onto Bonny Doon Road.

This lightweight crank is a home grown product from start to finish.
Developed and made in-house with their own proprietary C.R.A.F.T. carbon process a pair of DOON arms hits the scale at a feathery 335g. 

The M30-THRU (30/30mm) spindle allows tunable preload for Praxis M30 Thru Bottom Brackets, or other brand's 30/30mm Bottom Brackets, such as Chris King.