Praxis M30-BBRight Road

Praxis M30-BBRight Road

SGD 127.50 SGD 140.00 Save SGD 12.50

This is our M30 BB for installing M30 spindle based road cranks on BBRight Cervelo road frames. Steel or Ceramic.


  • Only for Praxis M30 spindle cranks being installed on a BBRight road frame
  • 30mm Drive bearing /28mm NonDrive bearing | cartridge bearings
  • Ceramic version is Grade 5 / ABEC 5 rating
  • Forged & machined AL Cups with new expanding elastomer collet
  • Praxis M30 BB wrench tool required for installation – Sold separately


  • Patented Pending expanding elastomer collet design
  • “Rubber Collet” drive cup expansion for wiggle-free press


Praxis Works warrants components to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period of 2 years after original purchase. However, there are limitations as “nothing lasts forever” so please read our Warranty page for details.