Wheel Truing


Our Wheel Truing service is priced at SGD 30 per wheel. 

This includes:

  1. Spoke tension - Balance
  2. Spoke tension - Optimize
  3. Lateral true
  4. Radial true
  5. Rim centering, dishing

There are certain instances where we might refuse service after inspection. This usually happens when:

  1. The wheel was improperly built before hand
  2. The spokes and nipples are seized up 
  3. The hubs, spokes or rims show signs of damage or fatigue and may not be able to hold a higher tension 

We are happy to discuss possible solutions or point you in the right direction to have these issues resolved.

There maybe additional service charges for:

  1. Gluing a tubular 
  2. Replenishing tyre sealant
  3. Removing tubular tape
  4. Servicing brake track
Lead Time: 1-2 Days, possibly longer during race season.
Email us at info@elitecustom.sg to get an accurate lead time.