Warning: Counterfeit ISM Saddles

In the past several years, we have found saddles in the marketplace which are sold and advertised as ISM Saddles, but are illegal counterfeit products.  These products are not manufactured by ISM Saddles, LLC, and do not meet our health, safety, and quality standards.  We are committed to the well-being of our customers, and our products undergo extensive testing to meet and exceed all safety requirements.  Counterfeit saddles pose a significant hazard and should not be used under any circumstances.

Counterfeit saddles will not be covered by any ISM warranty or support.  The best way to ensure you are buying a genuine ISM product is to purchase directly in our online store, or through an authorized ISM dealer.  Most counterfeit saddles have been found in online discount websites, online auctions, and online retailers.

Any individuals or companies manufacturing, selling, or purchasing counterfeit ISM products are guilty of committing a crime and can be prosecuted. 

If you are suspicious whether your saddle is counterfeit, please contact the retailer from which it was purchased.  In order for us to evaluate whether a product is counterfeit, it must be sent to our office in Florida, USA.  ISM Saddles, LLC is not responsible for shipping costs to or from our offices.  If we determine that a returned saddle is a counterfeit, we cannot legally allow it to leave our possession or be returned to the customer.  If you have any questions, please email us at inquiry@ismseat.com, or give us a call at 813-909-1441.